York University’s School of Continuing Studies Helps Transition from University to Career

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By Harrison Stewart

York University’s new school of continuing studies is all about helping people make successful transitions into university, from university to career, and growth throughout their career.
The school provides programs for working professionals, international students and recent graduates, as well as expanding programs to support non-traditional students to bridge into degree programs.
“Each program is customized to the needs of the group we are serving and to what employers say they are looking for from our graduates,” says Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, founding executive director, school of continuing studies, York University. “We plan to announce many new continuing professional education programs over the next few years.”
A unique and attractive feature of the new school’s programs is the flexibility and efficiency of the streamlined cohort options. Unlike traditional continuing education, where it could take three to five years to complete a certificate, working professionals will complete programs quicker, knowing exactly when they will start and finish.
One of the many fields that the school will be focusing on is providing training for human resources. Two new human resources management certificate programs begin in September, with full-time and part-time options.
“The unique design will give students not only core human resources competencies, but also opportunities to develop the business and communication skills that are required to excel and progress within the field,” Taylor-O’Reilly says. The school has consulted with vice-presidents of major employers to ensure that students are better equipped for the workforce.
“When looking for HR professionals, it is important to find individuals that have core HR expertise, but also the soft skills and knowledge to apply that knowledge across various businesses they may support,” says Dwayne Conrod, senior director, human resources, Loblaw Companies Ltd. and member of the school of continuing studies human resources management advisory board.
“With the right training, the HR business partner supporting the retail environment today could transfer to the financial services organization and continue to add value to the company as a whole.”
Registration is open for the spring and fall programs, including the new HR certificates.
To learn more, visit yorku.ca/continue or call 416-736-5616.

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