Fee Payments

The School of Continuing Studies is no longer accepting direct international wire transfers as a method of payment. All international fees can now be made through Convera GlobalPay, an online portal that supports multiple payment options, including wire transfers, in addition to providing competitive foreign exchange rates and the ability to make payments in your preferred currency.

The School of Continuing Studies accepts payments by credit card, through a Canadian bank, or via Convera GlobalPay. Specific instructions are listed below.

For domestic payments through a Canadian bank, it is important that payments are directed specifically to the School of Continuing Studies’ bank account (payments made to York University’s main bank account can result in delays in processing enrollments).

Please follow these steps to accept the offer of admission and pay your fees:

  1. Select Accept Offer of Admission (skip this step for direct registration programs)
  2. Proceed to checkout and select full payment or deposit payment
  3. Select a method of payment and enter payment details; see bank information below

Please send to:
Bank of Montreal, Dufferin & Supertest
4800 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario M3H 5S8

Including the following information on your payment document or cheque, depending on the currency of the payment:

CAD Account – Payment Instructions

  • Account Name: York University
  • Bank Id: 0001
  • Transit: 24642
  • CAD Account #: 1990135
  • Please ensure you add that you are a School of Continuing Studies student and your 9 digit student number

USD Account – Payment Instructions

  • Account Name: York University
  • Bank Id: 0001
  • Transit: 24642
  • CAD Account #: 4608033
  • Please ensure you add that you are a School of Continuing Studies student and your 9 digit student number

Please follow these steps to pay an outstanding balance through a Visa credit card or Master credit card:

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Click “My invoices” to view outstanding balances and invoice due dates
  3. Check the box next to the invoice you are paying and proceed to input the required information (using Visa or MasterCard)

If you are unable to sign in, select the Forgot Student Number or Forgot Password option. If you still cannot login, please contact for additional support.

The School of Continuing Studies has partnered with Convera (formerly Western Union) which offers a secure online portal for International Students to make fee payments to the University. The Convera GlobalPay portal provides the following benefits:

  • Easily make payments in your preferred currency;
  • Access to competitive foreign exchange rates;
  • Multiple payment options including bank transfers, ChinaPay, AliPay, UnionPay, ICICI, Sofort and more;
  • Student support is provided by the service provider.

For more information regarding the Convera GlobalPay platform, please refer to their frequently asked questions page.

How to pay

Step 1 – Begin the Process

Step 2 – Record Payment Information

  • Enter the country you are paying from and select ‘Get a quote
  • Select your preferred method of payment
  • Verify that your student details are correct
  • Select the relationship of the payor to the student, enter the payors information and proceed to checkout

Step 3 – Make the Payment Within 72 Hours

  • If you have chosen to pay through an online payment option; you will be redirected to the partner website and provided payment instructions
  • If you have chosen to pay in person through your bank, make the payment to Convera using their payment instructions
  • If a refund is issued, it will be returned to the original source account

Note: The quoted exchange rate is only valid for 72 hours during which you or the payor must pay online or take the payment instructions to your bank. If the payment transaction remains incomplete after 72 hours, you must return to Step 1 – Begin the Process.

Step 4 – Track your Payment

  • Once Convera receives your payment, they will transfer the funds to York University and the School of Continuing Studies will post the funds to your student account. This process typically takes five business days.
  • To track your payment, enter your payment reference ID through Convera

*** Important Notes: The School of Continuing Studies does not encourage the use of third-party intermediaries such as agents to avoid any future issues with refunds.

For anyone making payments through Convera GlobalPay, please be advised that all transactions to and from sanctioned and restricted jurisdictions have been suspended until further notice. If you are impacted by this service disruption, please contact

If you are unable to make a payment through Convera GlobalPay, please get in touch with the School of Continuing Studies at

Your payment is considered on hold until the funds are received by the School of Continuing Studies.

How can I defer my registration to the next available session? 

Please ensure you have read and reviewed the deferral policy found here.   
Students are permitted to defer twice.  
You can complete the Deferral Form through the Student Portal.       

How can I withdraw from the program and apply for a refund? 

To withdraw your registration and find out if you are eligible for a refund, please ensure you have requested before the required deadline (one week prior to course start) and read the policies here

Please note the fees we withhold for processing.   

If you are an international student, please note that your program deposit is non-refundable for any reason other than visa denial. Refunds are returned to the original method of payment and payor. Please note we do not accept withdrawal requests via email. 

To submit the request, prepare the following: 

  1. Please prepare original payment receipts. If your tuition was paid from more than 1 source or account, you will need a copy of each payment receipt. 
  1. If your refund cannot be returned to the original payment source, you will need to provide bank details, i.e., bank address, transit number, and account number for the processing of the refund transaction. 
  1. Complete the Withdrawal Form through the Student Portal.   

Once your completed refund package has been submitted, please allow:

  • Approx. 2 weeks for credit card refunds,
  • 1 – 8 weeks for Convera refunds, and
  • 7 – 8 weeks for bank wire/transfer refunds.

If we require additional information to process your refund, we will contact you. The timing of international refunds will vary depending on your bank and country. For Convera refunds, you will receive an email once the transaction is successfully processed.


To view the policy for refund, please visit our School Policies page.


To view our funding options, please visit our fundings page.