Using a range of methods and techniques, professional mediators help parties resolve disputes in a calm, safe manner and facilitate ethical, fair outcomes. Often, mediation is an efficient, cost-effective and much less contentious alternative to resolving conflict than the legal system. Utilizing a one-of-a-kind curriculum, professional mediator instructors, and real-world learning experiences, our programs are your best option to start your career in mediation.

Your career path in Mediation

Are you passionate about helping others enduring difficult times? A career path in Mediation could be right for you. Our Mediation programs offer an educational experience you won’t get anywhere else. Through coaching sessions with practicing mediators, role-playing lessons and networking with peers in the programs, you’ll gain the confidence and experience you need to pursue your career ambitions as a professional mediator.

A mediator works with two clients.

Our programs have a reputation for building successful careers

Codesigned and delivered by senior industry leaders within established and emerging professional disciplines, our programs take a pragmatic, hands-on approach that helps students unlock their potential and apply it in the world.

Cohort experience

Our students complete their programs in cohorts, encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration and growing the personal and professional networks of our students for years to come.

Specialized learning

Our programs go deep on specialized knowledge, setting students up to be experts in their field while also enhancing soft skills and cross-disciplinary know how.

Responsive program design

Our programs are responsive to student need and market demand in both form and content. Many of our programs are Canadian firsts.

Accelerated outcomes

Our accelerated formats can be completed in less than a year, part-time or full-time, and our programs can be taken online, onsite, or as blended offerings.

Industry collaborations

We develop our programs through collaborative relationships with industry and academic leaders to encourage career connections and a global perspective.

Customized training

The School offers customized training programs for a range of organizations that are looking to grow, upskill, and adapt to change.