Certificate in Dispute Resolution

Certificate in Dispute Resolution

Advanced skills to help people move forward

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Develop the mindset and skills to mediate conflict and achieve resolutions

What you will learn

Gain a practical, modern education with a focus on high demand and emerging applications of mediation taught by Canada’s leading mediators. The Certificate in Dispute Resolution will prepare you to:

  • Mediate a variety of disputes (community, workplace, employment, civil, commercial, personal injury, healthcare, intergenerational, estate) by understanding codes of practice and standards of the mediation process
  • Establish strong rapport-building skills to earn trust through active listening, effective questioning, and development of a safe environment
  • Apply an intersectional and trauma-informed lens to navigate systemic bias, colonial hurdles, power imbalance, and equity disparity to offer access to justice to marginalized and equity-deserving persons/groups across cultures, faiths, and belief systems
  • Demonstrate and maintain neutrality, impartiality, and non-judgment in dispute resolution processes
  • Mediate challenging disputes using appropriate processes and tools, including shuttle mediation and caucusing

Program Benefits

  • Learn from instructors who are national leaders in dispute resolution and who bring their vast knowledge and experience leading thousands of mediations
  • Practice your mediation skills through experiential assignments and role-playing sessions in a safe and supportive environment led by experienced coaches
  • Experience a modernized curriculum that incorporates the most recent trends in the industry, designed in collaboration with some of the top mediators in Canada
  • Study online with synchronous live online sessions
  • Advance through the program with the same cohort of peers, allowing you to develop a strong and diverse network of professional contacts

Format: Part-Time
Delivery: Live online classes and coaching sessions (Sat & Sun 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET)
Program Length: 6 months
Term Starts: Spring

Format: Intensive
Delivery: Live online classes and coaching sessions (4 days per week 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM ET)
Program Length: 6 weeks
Term Starts: Summer

Career Potential

Conflict management and dispute resolution are core competencies in many occupations, particularly for people leaders. Managers and team leaders at all levels routinely find themselves in circumstances where they are expected to mediate conflict, whether it be between employees, management and staff, union and institutional leadership, customers, clients, stakeholders, or members of the management team.  The ability to understand and diagnose the root cause of conflict, identify creative solutions, build consensus and help people move forward constructively is a powerful professional skill set in any industry.

The Certificate in Dispute Resolution’s learning objectives will focus on the fastest-growing applications of mediation today, so you will become familiar with the areas of greatest demand, including:

  • Workplace mediation
  • Employment mediation
  • Civil mediation
  • Intergenerational/estate mediation
  • Community mediation
  • Mediation in healthcare settings
  • Personal injury

Whether you’re looking to upskill in your current role or want to specialize in mediation, this program will open a diverse range of career opportunities for you.

Upskill for your current role or prepare for career opportunities such as:
  • Union Representative
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Conciliator
  • Negotiator
  • Client Relations Specialist
  • Hearing Officer
  • Adjudicator
Gain these skills:
  • Ethics & integrity
  • Active listening & observation
  • Communication
  • Neutrality & impartiality
  • Powerful & effective questioning

Who should take this program?

The Certificate in Dispute Resolution is designed for professionals pursuing a professional role in mediation or applying dispute resolution skills in their existing role, including:

  • Law & Legal Services
  • Human Resources
  • Labour Relations (Union & Management)
  • Management & People Leadership
  • Social Work
  • Health Care, Health Administration, Patient Services
  • Community, Social & Human Services
  • Education, Education Administration
  • Government, Public Administration
  • Consulting, Corporate Training, Coaching
  • Civic Leadership, Politics, Legislature
  • Victim Services
  • Law Enforcement, Corrections, Court-Diversion
  • Counselling, Psychology
Enrolment Requirements

The Certificate in Dispute Resolution is a direct registration program and no application process is required.

Delivery Format

Part-Time – (6 months)

  • Classes are offered on occasional weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 3:00pm ET) over a period of 6 months, a format best suited for working professionals balancing multiple commitments and priorities
  • Classes are offered Live Online via Zoom and attendance is mandatory

Note: Classes are typically held every other weekend, however there are some variations in this schedule to accommodate statutory and major holidays.

Short Intensive – (6 weeks) – Live Online

  • The intensive offering is the same program as the part-time offering, except it is offered during weekdays and weekends over a period of 6 weeks. The intensive offering is for individuals who have substantial time and attention to devote to keeping up with an accelerated delivery model.
  • Regular classes are held Live Online via Zoom at a regularly scheduled day and time.
  • Courses are scheduled to run 4 days per week from 10:00am to 3:30pm, and attendance is mandatory. Classes are typically held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, however there are some variations in this schedule to accommodate statutory and major holidays.
  • To view the detailed schedule, please select the “Enrol” tab and click on “Course Details +”.
  • The intensive offering is a fast-paced programs for individuals who have substantial time and attention to devote to keeping up with an accelerated delivery model. We do not recommend this delivery model for students who are working full-time


CSDR1100 Foundations of ADR and Mediation

This course will focus on the case management process, procedural skills, how to use interpersonal relationship skills, and the role of ethics as they pertain to the practice of mediation and dispute resolutions processes. The course is grounded in community mediation as the practical application by which to demonstrate theory and principles. It will cover key components of substantive knowledge, core training topics and role play to ensure foundational learning and practice is achieved. Students will learn the nature of conflict and a range of conflict management theory and principles as it pertains to being a practitioner in addition to information gathering, relationship skills, communications skills, problem-solving skills, professional skills and knowledge specific to ADR and mediation as it is used in interest-based mediation, as well as knowledge of ethical values and ethical decision-making. To ensure confidence and courage in facilitating mediation, students will be given time for practical application.

8 Classes

40 Hours

CSDR1110 Complex & Interpersonal Dynamics in Dispute Resolution

This course will build upon the foundation of basic training to focus on complexities of dispute resolution in practice. Students will develop skills to address challenging dynamics of deeply personal issues, systemic bias, power imbalance, trauma, and cultural difference. Complex party dynamics in inter-generational, estate and healthcare conflict settings will be considered, along with the role of Indigenous approaches, online tools, and mastery of self-awareness to effectively navigate challenging conflict with high emotion and in rapidly growing areas.

Students will learn institutionally disruptive approaches to power and privilege in dispute resolution grounded in truth, capacity building for decolonization, and Indigenization that help professionals understand their roles in equity, inclusion, and reconciliation. They will develop a greater understanding to Indigenous approaches and ways of knowing (e.g. restorative processes and healing circles) without appropriation or tokenism using local Indigenous knowledges and trauma-informed approaches.

8 Classes

40 Hours

CSDR1120 Conflict Management & Resolution in the Workplace

The rising costs of workplace conflict is leading employers to turn to ADR. Students will explore workplace conflict management in unionized and non-unionized environments that can be resolved outside of the courts and civil realm. The focus will be on mediation, but facilitation in collective bargaining, union-management relationship building, coaching and systems analysis and design will also be explored.

4 Classes

20 Hours

CSDR1130 Specialized Professional & Civil Applications of Mediation

This course covers the practice of mediation once voluntary processes have been abandoned and conflict has entered the legal realm of the courts and civil sphere, including tribunals. Students will learn how to work within and understand the implications of established processes, parameters, legislation, and systems that apply when mediation is conducted within the shadow of the law. Disputes related to employment, estates and personal injury will be the main focus, as these matters comprise the majority of disputes that enter the civil realm.

4 Classes

20 Hours



Bruce Ally


Marc Bhalla


Pramila Javaheri


Oliver Martin


Andrea Menard



John David Ashworth


Lynn Catzman


Susette Clunis


Ben Drory


Maurice Ford


Greg Owens


Ethan J. Mings


Sharon Naipaul


Mitchell Rose


Harold Tan

Advisory Council


Bruce Ally

Barbara Benoliel Dispute Resolution Advisory Council

Barbara Benoliel


Colm Brannigan

William Cornet Advisory Council Dispute Resolution

William Cornet


Barb Cornish


Brenda Hooper


Pramila Javaheri


Nalini Jugnundan


Michael McCrory


Michael Maynard

Elton Simoes Dispute Resolution Advisory Council

Elton Simoes

Certificate in Dispute Resolution

Winter 2024

Live Online Classes

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Certificate in Dispute Resolution (Intensive)

Summer 2024

Live Online Classes

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