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Spring Break Immersion Program

Develop your English language skills and participate in Canadian life during this intensive program

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Spend your Spring Break making friends and learning about Canadian life, culture and about Toronto, one of the world’s largest, multicultural cities. Improve your English language skills through instruction and real-life practice.

What is the Spring Break Immersion Program?

The Spring Immersion Program is an intensive program in which you will develop your English language skills while you learn about life at York University in Toronto, one of the most multicultural campuses in Canada. You will expand your global awareness and learn about Canadian culture.

The Spring Immersion Program gives you the opportunity to improve your English listening and speaking skills from any level. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with student Community Leaders, and can participate in formal and informal, individual, and group presentations and activities.

You will practice your English language skills on fun, memorable excursions:

  • The world-famous Niagara Falls
  • The CN Tower
  • Winter sport/activity such as watching an ice-hockey game

What You Will Learn

Over the course, you will learn from qualified instructors and form friendships with your classmates and student Community Leaders. The program will improve your ability to:

  • Initiate a discussion and engage in conversation
  • Express yourself more confidently and clearly
  • Conduct informal/formal individual and group presentations
  • Listen for general and specific information and in various contexts
  • Discuss experiences and ask questions about the experiences of others


  • English-only environment
  • Start at any English level

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