Professional Programs: FAQs

 When is the deadline to submit my application? 

The application submission deadline date is indicated on the website when you select “Apply” beside the program offering.   

  • For International students, it is typically two months prior to the program’s start unless the offering has reached capacity.  
  • For Domestic students, it is typically one week prior to the program’s start.  

How can I check my application status, what do the application statuses mean, and when will I find out the final decision? 

You can check your application status online by logging into the Student Portal and checking the status under “My Applications”. In general, applications may be reviewed within 5 – 6 weeks of submission and no later than one month before the program starts. 

  • In Progress: Your application may not have been submitted. If you have already submitted your application and it is “In Progress” your application may have been returned to you for missing documents. Please check your email for details  
  • Submitted: Your application has been successfully submitted. It will be reviewed shortly and the application will change to one of the following: 
  • Under Review: You will receive a decision on your application at least one month prior to program start. We request your patience and ask you to wait for an email from us. Please note you can check your application status online by logging into the Student Portal and checking the status under “My Applications”.  
  • Accepted: You will receive an offer letter advising you to make a tuition deposit to accept your offer. Please note your offer letter is valid for 2 weeks.   
  • Under Consideration: Your application is being considered for the program, but you did not meet the first review. Please continue to check application status through your Student Portal. Final application decisions will be made one month prior to course start.   
  • Denied: In general, admission decisions are made based on several factors including an applicant’s ability to be academically successful in the program, their ability to demonstrate a potential to thrive in the relevant career path upon completion of a program and the composition of the cohort as a whole. We encourage you to apply for future programs and thank you for your applying to York University’s School of Continuing Studies professional programs. 

How can I defer my registration to the next available cohort? 

You can complete the deferral form through the Student Portal. Please note, we do not accept deferral requests via email.   

Please ensure you have read and reviewed the deferral policy found here

Students are permitted to defer twice. Please note there are no refunds available once you have deferred (international students receiving a visa denial are exempted). Note that once you defer, you cannot then change your mind and ask to be moved back into the initial program offering. All deferrals are final. 

How can I withdraw from the program and apply for a refund? 

To withdraw from the program and find out if you are eligible for a refund, please ensure you have submitted your request before the required deadline and read the policies here

If you are an international student, please note that your program deposit is non-refundable for any reason other than visa denial. Refunds are returned to the original method of payment and payor. Please note we do not accept withdrawal requests via email. 

To submit the request, prepare the following: 

  1. Please prepare original payment receipts. If your tuition was paid from more than one source or account, you will need a copy of each payment receipt. 
  1. If your refund cannot be returned to the original payment source, you will need to provide bank details, i.e., bank address, transit number and account number for the processing of the refund transaction. 
  1. Complete the withdrawal form through the student portal. 

Once your completed refund package has been submitted, please allow:

  • Approx. 2 weeks for credit card refunds
  • 1 – 8 weeks for Convera refunds
  • 7 – 8 weeks for bank wire/transfer refunds

If we require additional information to process your refund, we will contact you. The timing of international refunds will vary depending on your bank and country. For Convera refunds, you will receive an email once the transaction is successfully processed.


How do I make a payment? 

*Please note that refunds are returned to the original method of payment and payor with no exceptions.  We do not accept payments made by third party companies such as MPower. 

Payments can be made as follows. 

In person: Our front desk is now open Monday to Thursday from 8:45am – 4:15pm and on Friday from 10:00am – 4:15pm.  We accept debit and credit cards for payment.   

If you wish to book an appointment or see the wait times at the front desk, please download the QLess app on to your phone or use this link: You will also need to complete a YUScreen check prior to coming to campus: UBIX Health Screening 

For other methods of payment, please visit our website here.   

If you are paying by bank or wire transfer, please use the information provided in the link above. Please note, York SCS bank account is not the same account as the York University bank account used for undergraduate students. Sending your payment to the wrong account may result in a 2-week delay in processing. 

Where can I find my tuition payment receipt? 

If you have not received your tuition receipt via email, you can find it on your Student Portal. Payment receipt can be found under “My Invoices” and then “Invoiced Items”. If you pay by bank wire, please note it may take 5 to 7 business days for the payment to be received by us. If your receipts are not on your portal after 8 business days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays), please complete a payment tracking form and we will track your payment.  You can find the tracking form here

How much can I expect to spend on expenses other than tuition and insurance? 

Estimated costs for textbooks, personal expenses, accommodation and meals (in Canadian Dollars) can be found on your Letter of Offer.  

When do I get a tax receipt (T2202)? 

Starting calendar 2019, all designated educational institutions (DEI) are required to file a T2202, which requires the student’s Social Insurance Number (SIN). The Income Tax Act (ITA) requires the DEI to make reasonable efforts to obtain the student’s SIN.  As per instructions from CRA, students who do not provide their SIN will have nine zeros defaulted in their T2202. 

Tax receipts are prepared and issued near the end of February. In the meantime, if you intend on filing taxes, please ensure you’ve updated your student profile with your SIN number. Log in to your Student Portal, navigate to “My Profile”, and then select “Personal Information”. There will be an area to input your SIN. 
Under no circumstances will staff accept a SIN over email.  

For privacy reasons, any SIN information you previously saved will not be visible. Therefore, if you are unsure if the number saved in the SCS portal is correct, please re-enter in the SCS portal and save – the system will automatically overwrite any previous value with the most current information you save.   

Please note: You only need to provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN), if you intend to claim the tax credit for a personal Canadian Income Tax return. 

I am an international student, do I need health insurance? 

It is mandatory for all international students to have health insurance coverage while studying within Canada. For details on the coverage provided by our provider, Guard.Me, please visit the Guard.Me/York SCS website here

If you have your own insurance coverage, you must cancel by the end of the first week of your program. Any requests to cancel insurance received after this deadline will not be accepted. To cancel, please complete this form. We require proof of your insurance coverage spanning the entire length of your program to qualify for cancellation. 

The insurance is an extra cost on top of your tuition fee, approximately $400 – $450 depending on the duration of program. If you aren’t sure if you paid for insurance, you can log into your Student Portal and check your invoices. 

If I purchase medical insurance through the School of Continuing Studies, what is the coverage period?

If you purchase your insurance coverage with us (Guard.Me Health Insurance), your coverage date starts from the Saturday before the program start date and ends the Saturday after the program end date.

If you plan to arrive in Canada prior to these dates, we strongly recommend you purchase your own insurance. You can purchase through the website. You can purchase up to 30 additional days on your policy and a minimum of $20 (non-refundable).  Please check your arrival date and the start date of your program to make sure coverage is purchased accordingly. All questions and requests for additional days should be directed to Guard.ME. 

If I purchase medical insurance through the School of Continuing Studies and I haven’t received my insurance card.

Insurance policy information will be available in week 3 of your program. You will receive an email in week 3 with information on how to log into the Guard.Me portal to access your policy information.

If you need medical attention before you receive your policy information, please retain your receipts and you can then submit a claim.

Please note that your Guard.ME Health insurance does not cover the costs associated with pre-existing conditions.  To find out more about the coverage, add additional days, submit a claim, or sign-up coverage for a dependent, please visit:  Guard.ME Health.  

Where can I find information on Course Exemptions? 

Information regarding transfer credits can be found here: Transfer Credit Request Form ( 

I would like to update/change the details (such as spelling of name, email address or home address) on my student profile: 

To make changes to your profile (update your address, correct spelling in first or last name, etc.) please log into your Student Portal and click “My Profile”.  If you have any technical issues, please submit a ticket with

How do I send in my transcripts? 

Documents received by York University directly from the granting/issuing institutions become the property of York University and will not be returned. 

If, because of the pandemic, your transcripts won’t make it before your program starts, you can ask your university to email your transcripts directly to us at; however, please note that we must receive your official transcripts by mail before your program ends.  

Please contact your university and request an official transcript sent to the address below. Please include your name, student number, program name and program offering when transcripts are sent to us. 
You can mail the transcripts to this address: 

Attn: Registration Coordinator 
School of Continuing Studies 
York University 
123 Atkinson 
4700 Keele Street 
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 

When will I receive class schedule and orientation information? 

You will receive a welcome email approximately 2 weeks before the start date of your program, which provides you with all the information you need to know about your class schedule and orientation. You will also be able to find your schedule through your Student Portal to the start date of the program. 

When will my final grades be available? 

Final course grades will be available approximately 16 days (3 weeks) after your program ends and are accessible in the Student Portal.  

When is the in-person graduation ceremony? 

The School of Continuing is pleased to advise that we are planning for a graduation ceremony on June 15, 2023. Any students who graduated between March 2019 to May 2023 will be invited to this event.

I received a discount code, how do I apply it to my tuition? 

During the checkout process, once you’ve added the program to your cart, click to select the “Apply Discount” box. Type in the discount code in the Coupon Code field. Please note that discount codes can only be applied to the cost of the tuition and cannot be applied to the cost of the application fee.  

How can I get a Letter, Receipt, Grade Report, Letter of Enrollment? 

As part of our ongoing commitment to serve you better, we have made available some self-service options within the Student Portal. These include: 
• Obtain your Invoice and Fee receipt 
• Access your Letter of Acceptance, Letter of Enrollment and/or Letter of Offer 
• Download and/or email Grade Reports (Transcripts) 
• Access your Letter of Completion (which can be used for immigration) 

When will I receive my Certificate?  

If you have successfully completed your program and you have submitted all your tuition fees, your certificate will be mailed out to you either in December or July depending on the end date of your program. 

Note: To ensure your certificate is printed correctly, please log into your Student Portal and ensure the “Name to Appear in Print” field, in the Personal Information section, is completed with the name you would like to appear on your certificate. In addition, please review and update your profile with your current mailing address. 

While you wait for your certificate to be mailed, you can access your letter of completion (which can be used for immigration purposes) from your Student Portal. Please note that your transcript or “grade report” is also available through your Student Portal.  

To access these letters, you can follow the steps below: 
1. Sign into your School of Continuing Studies Student Portal 
2. Find the “Request Official Documents” tab   
3. Select the letters and programs you are requesting (please note that only the letters you qualify for requesting will appear). Letters will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  

Once certificates are printed and mailed, a tracking number will be added to your student portal, which can be used to verify the delivery of your certificate. Please note that certificate reprinting is an additional charge.