Graduation: FAQs

Below, we have outlined the frequently asked questions for your information.

As you are inviting your guests to graduation, you will need to write the letter with the reason (graduation ceremony) and date: June 13, 2024. We also advise that you provide the “Save the Date” letter that is available in your student portal with this letter posted here.

This FAQ is not intended to provide immigration advice. For more information on federal requirements, please visit:

You will need to fill out the Intention to Attend Graduation online form by Friday April 26th to be considered for an invitation to graduation. You can find a link to the form in the email you received from – Subject line: Intention to Attend Graduation – Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony.  

If you wish to attend a future Graduation ceremony instead, please fill out the Intention to Attend Graduation online form to be directed to the Invite Back form. This will enable you to be invited to a future ceremony. 

If you submitted your Intention to Attend Graduation, you will receive a confirmation or either your invitation (which will require you to RSVP) or if you have been waitlisted during the first week of May. Once you submit your RSVP with the required details by the deadline, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive an email with your graduation tickets in June. 

If you did not submit the Intention to Attend Graduation online form, or did not submit it by the deadline, you can fill out the Invite Back form to be invited to a future ceremony. School of Continuing Studies Graduation-Invite Back Request ( 

Please check your junk mail for your graduation confirmation email, it would have been sent to the same email address that you received your invitation from.  

Please note that you will not be considered as registered to attend graduation on June 13, 2024, until you receive your confirmation email (and RSVP). Once you’ve completed that step, you will receive a final communication from the School of Continuing Studies containing your e-ticket.  

Please login into your student portal and check the email address that you have on file, your invitation would have been sent to that email address.

If you would like to request extra guest tickets, please fill out the extra guest ticket online form and submit it by 11:59PM on May 29th. Please note, requests are not guaranteed, if we can accommodate your request, you will receive the updated number of e-tickets for your guests via email in June.

Yes, each graduate will be provided with academic regalia, including a robe. The robes will be distributed onsite prior to the graduation ceremony. While there is no mandatory dress code for the event, we recommend wearing business attire or formal wear. 

We will continue the practice of welcoming students, faculty and guests who identify as Indigenous, Metis or Inuit to wear traditional ceremonial dress. Use of custom or individualized stoles or pins is an opportunity that will be considered in the future. 

Please plan to arrive 60 minutes (1 hour) before the beginning of your ceremony. You will pick up your academic regalia (robe) and your name card and then report to the marshalling area. If you arrive late, you may not be able to participate in the ceremony. 

As it takes time to marshal all of the graduands, it is very important that you arrive 60 minutes prior to your ceremony to collect your academic regalia (i.e., your robe) and be marshalled in order. The procession of graduands will enter the convocation venue prior to the start of the ceremony. If you arrive after the procession has left, you will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.   

Marshalling is the procedure of forming an alphabetical line of graduands for the procession to the stage. Guests are not permitted in the marshalling area. The marshalling area inside the Grad Services Pavilion is not secure, no items should be left behind once the procession starts. Please leave your personal belongings with your guest. 

Yes, a ceremony e-program will be available to you via a QR code provided on the day of graduation.  

Yes, the graduation ceremony will be live streamed. A link will be posted on the School of Continuing Studies’ website. The link will not be available to access once the ceremony is over.   

At each ceremony a professional photographer will photograph each graduate as they cross the stage. Each graduate will also be photographed as they approach and exit the stage. Complimentary photograph proofs will be e-mailed to each graduate within one week of convocation ceremonies. There is no obligation to purchase the photos.  

If you have not received an email from Grad Images regarding your ceremony photos, please visit their website to find your photos or contact them using the information below.  

Grad Images  

Yes, you will have approximately 45 minutes after the ceremony to take photos.  

You may pick up your certificate on the day of your graduation, after you have returned your robe at the end of your ceremony at the Grad Services Tent. If you will not be attending graduation in June, your certificate will be mailed to your home address.  

Graduation will be held at the Convocation Pavilion, Sobeys Stadium (formerly Aviva Centre), located at 1 Shoreham Drive, on the west side of our Keele Campus.  

Parking and Transit Information  
 The main graduation parking lot is the Founders Road West with a shuttle bus available to take guests to the Sobey’s Stadium. The shuttle bus pick up is on Founders Road west side near the walkway. Accessible parking will be available, for those with a valid medical placard, at the Shoreham Drive North parking lot. A guest pick-up and drop-off loop can be found across from Sobey’s Stadium, accessible from Shoreham Drive.   

Guests, students and faculty are encouraged to take the subway to the Pioneer Village TTC Subway station, which is the closest station to the Sobey’s Stadium. Shuttle bus service will also run to-and-from the subway station if there is space available on the shuttle bus from the earlier pick up on Founders Road.  

View the guest map here.  

Parking Instructions  

 Convocation Parking will be offered for graduates and their guests, in the Founders Road West lot.  Parking Enforcement Officers will be stationed at the lot, screening vehicles upon entry. Should guests decide to park in an alternate visitor lot, the required hourly/daily fee will be required.