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Post-degree Certificate in Human Resources Management – Full-Time

Post-degree Certificate in Human Resources Management – Full-Time

Prepare for your CHRP designation on this accelerated path

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$8,249 (Domestic)

$18,999 (International)


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Through ongoing deliberate practice and instruction from experienced human resources professionals, you’ll develop the human resources and business competencies to take your HR management career to the next level.

What is a Human Resources Management Professional?

Human resources management professionals are an essential part of organizations throughout the private and public sectors. They develop and implement policies, programs, and procedures related to compensation, human resource planning, recruitment, labour relations, training and development, health and safety, and more.

Although a specialized knowledge of human resources theories and practices is essential to getting hired, it’s not enough if you want to excel. Our curriculum moves beyond the basics by integrating critical soft skills into the curriculum that will to take you to the next level in your career.

What you will learn

Our advisory committee of senior human resources executives from many of Toronto’s leading firms has helped us craft a program to prepare you for excellence. You’ll learn core human resources competencies as determined by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA), including:

    • human resources management
    • organizational behaviour
    • human resources planning
    • occupational health and safety
    • training and development
    • labour relations
    • recruitment and selection
    • Compensation
    • Business Communications for Human Resources Professionals
    • and more

You will develop and strengthen these competencies through real-life scenarios, deliberate practice and coaching in a practical, interactive, and engaging classroom environment with a set group of peers.

Program Benefits

You will be eligible for the student membership rate at the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA).

Format: Full-Time
Delivery: In-class
Term Starts: Fall, Winter, Summer
Program Length: 9 months

Career Potential

This program qualifies you to seek positions such as human resources generalist, recruiter, learning and development specialist, health and safety officer and many more. The program also prepares you to pursue future management roles in the field of human resources.

The most recent Canadian Labour Force Survey reported that 98% of human resources managers worked full time compared to the average of 81% for all occupations.

Professional Associations

Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA)
The Post-degree Certificate in Human Resources Management is recognized by Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) as meeting the coursework requirement required for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. This requirement is met by students who complete all nine courses in the Certificate with a grade of 70% or better with no single course below 65% within ten years of the date they are registered to write the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam 1(CKE1).

Note: It is the responsibility of the students to comply with the requirements of the HRPA. The HRPA has its own requirements regarding application, admission, program and membership. Students should contact the HRPA directly for more information.

Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)
The CHRP is the most recognized human resources professional designation in Canada. CHRPs earn more and get promoted faster than non-designated HR professionals. Earning a CHRP designation has become an integral step to building a successful human resources career in Canada.
Learn more about the benefits of meeting the CHRP qualifications.

Get hired for jobs like:

Human Resources Consultant
Organizational Development Specialist
Human Resources Generalist

Gain these skills:

Strategic and Critical Thinking
Data Analysis
Verbal and Writing Communications

Delivery Format

Courses are conducted in-person at York University main campus at a regularly scheduled day and time. Courses are typically scheduled four days per week, 3 hours per day. An instructor will facilitate your learning each step of the way. In addition to the live instruction, students should budget approximately 8-10 hours per course each week for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities, assignments, etc.

In the event the university restricts on-campus attendance due to COVID-19, courses will continue, as scheduled, Live Online via Zoom.

Who should take this program?

This program is ideal if you are a recent graduate and professional wishing to pursue a career in human resources management. The program is also perfect if you are an international student interested in pursuing an education in Canada and establishing a Canadian perspective on human resources management in order to establish a career here.

Enrolment Requirements

To be admitted to this program you must have:

  • Minimum of a baccalaureate degree with a minimum of a 60% average (C)
  • Official transcripts (International students: please provide an original English- translated copy of your university degree or diploma and transcripts.)
  • Completed online application form
  • Proof of language proficiency (international students only)

Review the minimum language scores for this program.

In this program, you will build cross-functional competencies such as:
  • Learn to think critically, analyze problems, propose viable solutions and develop HR business cases.
  • Practice exercising influence across an organization with confident communication and negotiation.
  • Grasp how to use financial and organizational data to build your case.
  • Understand how to gather and analyze relevant productivity data, and leverage the metrics to solve problems.

Admission into the full-time Post-degree Certificate in Human Resources Management program is highly competitive. Please note that meeting the minimum entry requirement does not guarantee admission.

Belinda Chin photo

“As a grad of this program, you also get a terrific international experience as the class caters to both domestic and international students. This in my opinion provides invaluable insight into other countries’ cultures and how they operate, and is particularly useful for any HR professional given the changing demographics of the employee base in Canada. Fabulous program!”

Belinda Chin – 2016 Graduate and Instructor

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“When looking for HR professionals, it is important to find individuals that have core HR expertise, but also the soft skills and knowledge to apply that knowledge across various businesses they may support. With the right training, the HR business partner supporting the retail environment today could transfer to the financial services organization and continue to add value to the company as a whole.”

Dwayne Conrod – Human Resources Director, Enbridge

2 Ways The Certificate in Human Resources Helps Students Get Jobs

Mahyar Zand – Certificate in Human Resources Management Graduate


CSHR1010 Human Resources Management

This course introduces you to the basic principles and concepts of human resources management, and provides a context for the challenges facing HR managers in contemporary Canadian organizations. You are given opportunities to identify organizational problems, and to prescribe and implement corrective actions.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1020 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Explore individual and group behaviour as it impacts performance in organizations and guides management thinking today. You will learn to recognize, analyze, and suggest solutions to organizational problems as an HR manager. Topics include motivation, communication, decision-making, leadership and structural issues.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1000 Business Communications for HR Professionals

This course examines how to strengthen written and oral business communication, improve working relationships and collaborative problem-solving skills.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1030 Training and Development

Understand the role and function of learning and development in organizations, and how employee learning contributes to an organization’s success. You will explore the corporate training process of needs analysis, objective setting, program design, adult education, equity in training, methods and evaluation, learning initiatives such as mentoring, coaching and leadership development, and the role of stakeholder.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1090 Introduction to Accounting - Analysis & the Use of Financial Information

Examine the concepts, language, and uses of financial accounting, management accounting, and finance; and examine their interrelationships. You will explore financial statements used inside and outside of the enterprise, and how this information impacts a manager’s day-to-day decisions.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1050 Human Resources Planning

Develop an understanding of the personnel planning process, including the needs, methods, uses, and risks, and future trends in human resources planning. This course will provide a general overview of common approaches in the field of Human Resources Planning, and will help you understand the planning processes used by HR professionals as part of an organization’s overall strategy.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1060 Compensation

Learn about the objectives of compensation and how to manage compensation programs within an organization. Explore issues such as wage and salary determination, incentive systems, and benefits and services. This course will reflect a mix of research and practice.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1070 Recruitment, Selection and Performance Appraisal of Personnel

Learn about the issues and procedures used in the recruitment, selection and performance appraisal of employees. This course discusses measurement issues, methods, and procedures of recruitment, screening, testing, interviewing, performance appraisal, and hiring decision-making.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1080 Industrial Relations

Investigate a topic that impacts everyone in Canada. Learn to analyze and apply concepts of industrial relations from both a national and workplace context.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSHR1040 Occupational Health and Safety Management

Explore the broad field of occupational health and safety management within the context of the healthy workplace. You will investigate hazard management, Canadian OHS legislation, safety programs, and current issues within the OHS field.

13 Classes

39 Hours


Bartosz Amereski photo

Bartosz Amerski


Mark Carbonelli photo

Mark Carbonelli

Senior HR Executive

Alfonsina Chang photo

Alfonsina Chang

Joanna Drakakis photo

Joanna Drakakis


Su-Yan Gay photo

Su-Yan Gay


Image of Antonia (Toni) Kaltsounis

Antonia (Toni) Kaltsounis


Sue Ann Maislin photo

Sue-Ann Maislin

Owner, SA Maislin Cosultants

Jeff May photo

Jeff May

BA (Hons), M.Ed

Adam Prokop

Senior Risk Analyst and Consultant, Real Estate Industry

Professional headshot of Andres Ramirez

Andres Ramirez

Investment and Financial Advisory

Chris Rotolo


Jason Russell


Belinda Schuler-Chin photo

Belinda Schuler-Chin

Chief HR Officer, JD Aero

Headshot of Dezi Singh

Dezi Singh

Vice President, Labour Relations and Human Resources, Maple Leaf Foods Inc

Indira Somwaru


Faith Tull photo

Faith Tull


Image of Anna Yu

Anna Yu

President of Yu Consulting Group & Senior Advisor, Finance and Business Operations with Wentworth Strategy Group

Advisory Council

Cindy Bush photo

Cindy Bush

M.Ed. Chief Human Resources Officer, TMX Group

Mark Carbonelli photo

Mark Carbonelli

MBA, MIR, BA. Chief Human Resources Officer, Dentalcorp Canada

Dwayne Conrod photo

Dwayne Conrod

MHRM, BA. Director, Human Resources, Enbridge

Fiona Gardner

MHRM, CHRL. Vice President, Human Resources Opseu Pension Trust

Julie Giraldi photo

Julie Giraldi

CHRE, ICD.D. Chief Human Resources Officer CAAT Pension Plan

Tanya Piazza Hughes image

Tanya Piazza-Hughes

Principal, Sr. HR Manager, HOK

Cindy Zarnett photo

Cindy Zarnett

CHRL. Founder, Squaredots

Post-degree Certificate in Human Resources Management – Full-Time

Summer 2022

On Campus Classes

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$8,249.00 (Domestic)

Summer 2022

On Campus Classes

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$18,999.00 (International)

Fall 2022

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$18,999.00 (International)

Fall 2022

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$8,249.00 (Domestic)

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