York University School of Continuing Studies celebrates the Holiday season with students, instructors and staff

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By Matthew McGrath

On Friday, December 8th, the York University School of Continuing Studies community took a well-deserved break from a busy semester of studying to come together, celebrate the Holiday season and have some winter-time fun.  

School of Continuing Studies staff turned the School building on Pond Road into a winter wonderland for a day, complete with festive decorations and plenty of sweet, tasty treats.  

Hundreds of students as well as faculty, staff and donors attended the event and participated in holiday and winter activities, such as taking pictures with friends and colleagues in a walk-in snow globe and mountain ski-lift, a cookie decorating station and two curling rinks. Attendees were also treated to Beaver Tails–a quintessential Canadian delicacy. 

As the festivities ended, and staff began to clean up, they noticed groups of students choreographing dance moves, learning the lyrics to Holiday tunes or still diligently working on their cookie creations. The day was full of these small, joyful moments, and the staff and leadership team were proud to give students a wonderful start to their holidays in Canada, which, for many of them, will be their first.

The School is committed to creating an engaged and optimistic environment for our students and strives to add value to their educational experience through community events like our Holiday Social. 

Happy Holidays to the School of Continuing Studies community! We hope everyone enjoys a much-earned break. 

Check out our gallery below to view the holiday activities and fun from the event.