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Instructor Moodle Support

Conquering Moodle 4.1 Course Navigation: Walkthrough Videos

Our course walkthrough videos offer a comprehensive introduction to Moodle 4.1, taking you step-by-step from login to logout. With two distinct videos for the legacy Course Menu format and Topics course format, you’ll gain insights into the latest enhancements. Effortlessly navigate the revamped Moodle course site and layouts as you explore Moodle 4.1.

Course Menu Format – Course Walkthrough

Topics Format – Course Walkthrough

Comprehensive Moodle 4.1 Guides for Instructors

Embark on your Moodle 4.1 journey with these informative tutorials, detailing essential steps for instructors’ common teaching tasks. Keep an eye out for additional tutorials as we continue fine-tune our support materials based on your invaluable feedback.