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Moodle 4.1 Upgrade

We are excited to announce that our Moodle Learning Management System is getting an upgrade – Moodle 4.1! This upgrade is a significant investment in our digital learning infrastructure that brings a new look and feel and features, enhancements, and improved performance that will benefit both teaching and learning experiences.

The upgrade is scheduled to take place on the last weekend of April (April 29-30, 2023), and we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the changes that will be happening. 

Key Improvements and New Functionalities

  • Accessibility: An accessibility toolbar can be enabled site-wide, and enhanced accessibility features are included for screen readers and keyboard navigation in Moodle’s text editor, making it easier for everyone to access learning materials.
    Accessibility bar enabled
  • Rejuvenated Dashboard: The Dashboard summarizes important tasks within a timeline with clear call-to-action buttons, allowing learners to manage their time more efficiently.
    After login you will get to the Dashboard. A few blocks of important information will be available here:
    The improved Timeline that allows students to view deadlines for all their courses.
    The Calendar allows students to plan and schedule their work
    Dashboard page displaying Timeline and Calendar blocks
  • Simplified Navigation: Tabbed navigation provides access to the most commonly used items, and the ability to collapse blocks and sections reduces distraction and visual clutter.
    My Courses page allows for quick navigation between all the courses in one place.
    Accessing My courses page

    Course Index (left-hand side) – a new collapsible and expandable navigation menu to move smoothly between course sections, find activities and resources, and track activity completion.
    Course index - Left hand side collapsed Course index - Left hand side expanded

    Block Drawer (right-hand side) can also be expanded and collapsed, displays course-specific updates, information, and reminders.
    Block drawer - Right hand side collapsed Block drawer - Right hand side expanded
  • Moodle Course Tours: The updated user tours orient new students to the platform’s look and feel, providing quick hints on key features and new functionality.
    User tour pop-up window showing the Course index
  • Improved Course Page: Relevant information and actions required for each activity are clearly displayed, including completion conditions, status, activity dates, and restrictions.
  • Collapse and expand topics: Sections can now be collapsed and expanded, either individually or all at once.
    Topics collapsed and Expanded link showed
  • New color-coded activity icons: help learners identify the function of each activity
    (a) blue for content (page, book);
    (b) aubergine for assessment (quiz, workshop);
    (c) red for collaboration (choice, survey); and
    (d) grey for communication (forum, database)
    activity icons

For related guides and resources, please check the Student Support and Instructor Support pages


Find answers to commonly asked questions we have captured so far.

Your courses may look a little different in the upgraded environment as Moodle 4.1 introduces a new look and feel. However, your course navigation will largely be the same, and all of your course content and data will be preserved. User tours will walk you through the new features in your course.

Any assessments scheduled on or due April 29-30 will be rescheduled. We will be identifying and addressing any outstanding items due on those dates.

No. To clarify, we are not migrating between two platforms but rather upgrading our current platform. Our Moodle is being upgraded to the newest 4.1 version, so no data will be moving and nothing should be lost as it stays in place. However, a backup of the site will be made before the upgrade begins to be 100% safe that all data is saved. Use of the previous version of Moodle will not be available.

Students will be provided with video support resources and user tours of the new environment (built into Moodle). We will also provide feedback channels specific to the upgrade and respond to students directly. Please visit the Student Support page.

We will be hosting an information session for instructors prior to the upgrade to introduce the new environment, highlight the new features, and take any questions. Instructor support resources will also be provided for the more common actions instructors perform within courses. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and will be responding to feedback and questions following the upgrade. Should more support be needed, we will endeavour to meet that need. Please visit the Instructor Support page.

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We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for everyone.
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