Human Resources Management specialist reveals what it takes to be successful in the field

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By Brittany Shapovalov

Julie Giraldi hesadshot

Julie Giraldi, CHRE, ICD.D,
Human Resources Management Program Advisory Council Member

Managing people and managing the business- the perfect synergy

Becoming a leader in the world of HR, requires more than mastering recruitment procedures. It involves comprehensive training and continuous learning that goes beyond the basics, helping you stand out to the most celebrated employers. Julie Giraldi, an expert in the field, and a member of our Human Resources Management program advisory council since 2014, knows too well the importance of acquiring extensive knowledge to stay in-demand and current. We spoke with Julie to discover the key ingredients of a thriving HR leader.

A little about Julie

Julie is an accomplished business trailblazer who is committed to surpassing corporate goals. With over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, she has held several leadership roles at Toronto Transit Commission, Ontario Hospital Association, eHealth Ontario, and OMERS. She has a distinct eye for uncovering potential, earning her a reputation for identifying and mentoring emerging talent. Julie has contributed her expertise on various executive boards, with a focus on aligning business and people strategies.

What do you look for when hiring other HR professionals?

One of the most important factors are alignment of values and organizational fit. I believe in hiring people that can evolve with the business. It’s not just about what you can do today, it’s about your willingness and capacity to learn the business. I look for individuals who can be trusted HR advisors and a partner in the business. Human Resources Management is more than just knowing and understanding HR processes. It’s about understanding the business, and how you can help drive it forward. Coupling your HR knowledge and business acumen grants you the power to significantly contribute to your organization’s strategic initiatives.

Why do you recommend York University’s Human Resources Management program to professionals in the field?

York’s School of Continuing Studies is taking a broader perspective in ensuring students in the program gain a comprehensive business understanding, and not just focus on HR. When I was asked to speak to students this past April at a York University networking event, I loved that there were both Business and Human Resources graduates in attendance. This indicates to me that York places importance on the business operations of HR.

 What gives you the most satisfaction working in HR?

I love that I’m able to bring in young individuals who I can mentor. I can help them develop into business professionals and watch them achieve what they didn’t think possible. I have groomed over 90% of my team members, helping them develop into their next role.

Do you have any advice for prospective students thinking about furthering their education in the field?

My advice would be to understand the business and what the strategic objectives are. I can’t stress this enough. Without understanding the business, and its strategy, you can’t contribute to the overall success of the organization. Our world of HR is about aligning the business strategy to the people strategy. Secondly, be open to new things. Taking on new projects and initiatives allowed me to learn so much and also helped me understand what aspects of HR I enjoyed most. Being open to new things allowed me to appreciate how HR helps drive the business forward.

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