Women’s Executive Network: York University School of Continuing Studies responds to labour shortage with innovative new IT Audit program

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By SCS Editor

Changes in government regulations are requiring organizations across Canada to revisit their Information Technology (IT) systems and controls, investing more than ever in effective IT auditing to protect themselves.

This demand has created a job market shortage, with 75% of senior leaders citing a challenge in finding the right professionals to execute their IT audits. In response to this urgent need, The York University School of Continuing Studies is launching an innovative new Certificate in IT Audit Execution. Taking a real-world approach to nurturing the practical job skills required to fully execute an IT Audit, this part-time program is currently open for enrolment, with the first session starting September, 2019.

Designed in collaboration with leaders in the world of IT audit, the Certificate in IT Audit Execution will not only prepare students for their CISA® exam in just 6 months—the certificate covers all 5 domains of knowledge required to earn this globally recognized designation—but will also bring their learning to life through real-world case studies and dynamic collaborative learning. This bridging of theory and practice is a key differentiator of the program, and one sure to make a marked improvement in the quality of future IT Auditor job applicants.

Arif Hameed
Arif Hameed, Senior Director, Client Security, Equifax

“There simply aren’t enough qualified IT auditors to meet demand right now,” says Arif Hameed, Senior Director of Client Security at Equifax and York University School of Continuing Studies Program Advisory Council Member. “The Certificate in IT Audit Execution prepares students to not only pass their CISA exam, but to execute a full IT audit with confidence, in just 6 months. I wish a program like this existed when I was starting out in my career.”

The Certificate in IT Audit Execution is a part-time program, designed specifically for working professionals. Taken mostly online, with occasional in-class sessions to support critical learning outcomes, the certificate gives students the deep knowledge and broader job skills employers are looking for in their IT Audit hires. Combining technical skill building in industry-leading tools and practices with key cross-functional skills like problem solving, negotiation and analytical thinking, the program ensures graduates leave ready to hit the ground running in their careers, keeping ahead of change in a rapidly evolving industry.

York University has reimagined the traditional approach to continuing education, offering students an unparalleled opportunity to become the highly skilled, cross-functional hires demanded by today’s evolving job market. The future of work will require top companies and decision makers to make significant investments in upskilling the Canadian workforce to effectively adapt to changes in technology, artificial intelligence and automation. The Certificate in IT Audit Execution will ensure that the next wave of practitioners will be equipped to shape their industry in the coming years.

Tracey Taylor-O'Reilly, Assistant Vice-President, Continuing Studies
Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, Assistant Vice-President, Continuing Studies

“The future of work is vastly different than anything we’ve seen before,” explains Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, Assistant Vice-President, Continuing Studies. “With changes in technology shaping what employers are looking for when they hire, the need to close the impending skills gap is critical. Our graduates leave our programs with the deep skills they need to excel in their job functions, as well as the broader skills to collaborate across teams and affect lasting change within their organizations”.

Enrolment is now open for the Certificate in IT Audit Execution, with the first session starting September 2019.

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