On the Go Magazine: The Future of Work is coming. Are you ready?

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By Brittany Shapovalov

IT Auditor presenting findings to colleagues

The job market of tomorrow is about to be a very different place. Rapid advancements in disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and automation are set to cause significant changes in the way we work, and the skills required to stay competitive. Current research shows that we need to act fast — almost half of all Canadian jobs may be affected by these changes in the coming years.

No matter which industry you work in, the answer is clear: reaching your career goals in the future starts with upgrading your skills now.

The York University School of Continuing Studies is responding to this urgent need. Taking an innovative approach to helping people from all walks of life upgrade their skills, the School offers a continually evolving suite of full- and part-time continuing professional education programs, created in collaboration with top-tier employers. Programs cover diverse fields like IT Auditing, User Experience Design, Public Relations, Full-Stack Web Development, Digital & Content Marketing and Data Analytics. These programs provide students a best-in-class learning experience, with an emphasis on developing critical, applicable knowledge through real-world project work. Expert instructors bring a wealth of invaluable experience to their classes, ensuring students walk away with the perfect blend of technical and “human” skills.

“There is such a focus on the importance of cross-functional or ‘human skills’ right now,” says Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, Assistant Vice-President, Continuing Studies at York University. “These skills are crucial for success in our rapidly changing job market. Our School does things differently, with every program built to introduce and deliberately develop the cross-functional competencies employers look for when hiring and promoting talent.”

In order to help students keep pace with these rapid changes York’s Continuing Studies programs are designed for working professionals, helping you to upskill and get hired or promoted faster. It’s all part of the School’s master plan to help you thrive in the changing economy.

Make sure the Future of Work is a bright one for you.

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