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Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design

Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design

Impact the world with effective UX design

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Learn to use design thinking to create real-world user experience solutions. Gain the skills and expertise to create impactful, interactive user experiences that engages your audience.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

User experience is how someone interfaces with a digital product, be it a website, application or software. User experience designers closely study this process to ensure consumers have meaningful, smooth, and relevant experiences with these products.

Every minute you spend on a website or app is the by-product of countless hours of dedicated work, from research and wireframing through to prototyping. Design thinking is critical to ensure innovations in technology continue to put people first, and that products offer the type of user experience (UX) that affect real change in the world around us.

What you will learn

Under the expert guidance of leaders in the field, you will practice the core job skills any UX Designer needs to have such as logical problem solving, research skills and active communication. The Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design covers all the core areas for career success, giving you the knowledge and expertise to:
• Evaluate and utilize relevant methodologies such as design thinking, participatory design, and the MoSCoW methodology
• Demonstrate best practices in visual design and system design
• Formulate user personas
• Explain how different design systems function and determine their appropriate usage
• Demonstrate cross-functional skills such as team work, communications, problem solving, active listening and storytelling
• Produce a portfolio of work that effectively applies UX best practices and processes to meet business needs across multiple industries and product types

Program Benefits

Created in collaboration with industry leaders, the four-course Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design combines all the benefits of a part-time schedule with the deep learning of a comprehensive curriculum. You will also work on experiential education projects, allowing you to practice your UX skill set and finish the program with a portfolio of work that showcases your UX capabilities and expertise. After completing the program, you will also have joined a community of like-minded UX professionals composed of your classmates and instructors.

Format: Part-Time, blended
Delivery: Online coursework + required live online sessions
Live Session Schedule: Two Saturdays each course (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Program Length: 8 months
Term Starts: Winter, Summer, Fall


Introducing Live Online Learning

To make our programming even more accessible, and to ensure the safety of students and instructors, we are now offering the in-class course components for professional programs completely online.


Instructors in the Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design all possess industry experience with companies
such as 
Umbra, California Innovations, Samsung, CIBC, RBC, Orbit Group, and Shopify.
2021 Program Award of Excellence (CAUCE)
cauce award 2021

Delivery Format

Part-Time- Blended

Courses combine in-person learning, on campus at York (or Live Online via Zoom during COVID-19) plus online learning.  The live components are typically held at a scheduled day and time (e.g. Saturday and Sunday, 9am-4pm), on campus at York (or Live Online via Zoom during COVID-19) where students and instructors gather to participate in active learning activities, share their learnings in an interactive format and hear from guest speakers. The online delivery is asynchronous, which means that while students have set deadlines to complete their work each week, they do not have any required “live” components (e.g. class at 7pm on Tuesdays).  There may be optional, live sessions, via Zoom, throughout the course for the instructor to provide additional coaching and support.  These optional sessions may be recorded and shared with students who cannot attend.

Students can expect to write exams/quizzes, prepare assignments (individual and group), and participate in online discussions with their peers.

In addition to any live components, students should expect to dedicate approximately 8-10 hours of effort per course each week for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities, assignments, and so on.

Please view our Live Online video to learn more about this format.

Career Potential

A lot of creative professionals think they already have a solid understanding of UX from on-the-job experience. The problem is they often lack a comprehensive grasp of the entire User Experience Design lifecycle, which can be a roadblock to career advancement.

Our Certificate in User Experience Design is the new standard in university-level education in the field, and connects the dots between what you already know with what you need to know to get ahead in your career. Having this credential on your resume proves your deep knowledge and expertise, making landing your dream gig much easier.

Industry Information

UX is so critical to the success of a product that 9/10 managers in the field say hiring User Experience Designers is a top priority. UX design is in the top 5 technical skills desired by employers*.

UX jobs are set to double in the next few years

UX jobs have recently grown +210%
9/10 managers are hiring UX Designers (Working in the UX field)
75% of managers plan to double their UX jobs (Working in the UX field)

*According to LinkedIn

Professional Supports

We have partnered with Innovation York* to offer you an opportunity to build a company or develop your entrepreneurial mindset. The Entrepreneurship Development Program provides you with the mentorship and support critical for successful entry into the market and eventual scale-up of your business. You will also be granted an interview with Innovation York’s summer accelerator program with access to awards of up to $55,000. In addition, there are other resources that are listed via ELLA and YSpace.

*There is an additional fee of $1,200 for successful applicants to Innovation York.

Get hired for jobs like:

UX Designer
UX Specialist
UX Consultant

Gain these skills:

Logical and problem solving
Primary research
Active listening

Who should take this program?

The Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design is ideal if you currently work in a creative field like graphic or web design, or web development. Those working in a strategic client-facing role as a product/project manager, strategist or consultant would also benefit from this certification. Enhance your career in web or graphic design, web development, consulting or business strategy.

Enrolment Requirements

The Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design is a direct registration program. No application process is required; simply enrol in the session of your choice to get started.

Joselynn Maas photo

“There are many 1-2 week UX programs, but I don’t think most individuals come out knowing what they need to in order to succeed in their jobs (especially in cases where UX is not fully understood in the organization). I have a lot of respect for the approach York has taken in practicing UX methodology to create an ideal program.”

Joselynn Maas – Lead, UX Strategy + Design, Grocery Gateway (Advisory Council Member)

Alisha Kassam photo

“York University’s Certificate in UX Design blends critical theory with real-world projects and case studies to provide students with a practical, well-rounded education. The part-time blended format makes it accessible for working professionals to develop a strong foundation in design practice, while developing the cross-functional skills needed to level up their careers.”

Alisha Kassam – Senior Designer, Shopify (Instructor)


CSUE1000 Fundamentals of UX Design

The course will provide an overview of the tools, practices and disciplines involved in the practice and theory of user experience design (UXD). User experience design (UXD) is the theory and practice of designing an emergent experience by carefully selecting and synchronizing intersection points between a human experiencer and a technological system. It will give an overview of the wide range of disciplines involved in the theory and practices of user experience design and explain their interactions. Fundamentals of UX design will give the learner the knowledge foundation needed to successfully complete the remaining three practical courses in this certificate program.

2 Classes

36 Hours

CSUE1010 UX Design Research

In the course, you will learn how to conduct, synthesize, and share qualitative research with design and product teams. We will tackle the differences between quantitative and qualitative research and cover a variety of common research methods used within product and agency environments. You'll gain hands on experience writing research plans, discussion guides, and conducting user interviews. We'll explore how to synthesize these findings, and develop themes and strategic direction that emerge from our data. We'll practice sharing these findings in a written and oral format.

2 Classes

36 Hours

CSUE1020 Visual Design, Wireframing and Prototyping

This course covers the full spectrum of creating various wireframe fidelities, mocks and design validating artifacts. By using a collaborative approach, we will put into practice how to translate ideas and preliminary concepts into meaningful user interfaces to support business goals and user needs. You will familiarize yourself with fundamental principles and theories and gain hands-on experience with industry standards for visual design, interactive design, and usability testing methodologies. You will learn how to get participants' feedback from prototyping techniques to develop and leverage design solutions according to insights and collected data. You will also understand what a design system is and establish a strategy by cataloging design assets/components into a universal ecosystem.

2 Classes

36 Hours

CSUE1030 Applied UX Design

The class will investigate the theoretical and practical aspects of innovation and how design tools and methods can be used to deploy a viable product/solution. Design processes and techniques will be studied in readings as well as put into practice in projects throughout the course. Students will be required to present articulate design concepts verbally as well as visually at a professional level. Students will be required to evaluate a product for customer insights, mechanical UX features, marketing context, and design aesthetics and present new concepts as realized through the design/innovation process. A final presentation will be made representing a high level of professional finish, including but not limited to drawings, marketing materials, sketch models, and finished solutions.

2 Classes

36 Hours


Sarah Berry UX Design Instructor

Sarah Berry

Rahim Bhimani UX Design Instructor

Rahim Bhimani

Carmen Branje UX Design Instructor

Carmen Branje

Amrit Dhillon UX Design Instructor

Amrit Dhillon

Philippe Jean UX Design Instructor

Philippe Jean

Sveta Fedarava UX Design Instructor

Sveta Fedarava

Scott Paquette UX Design Instructor

Scott Paquette

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Sean Seaman

Advisory Council

Anguila Luis UX Design Advisory Council

Luis V. Aguila

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Mark Farmer

Joselynn Mass UX Design Advisory Council

Joselynn Maas

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Angela Norwood

Daniela Pico UX Design Advisory Council

Daniela Pico

Leah Pollock UX Design Advisory Council

Leah Pollock

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Sean Seaman

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Chrissy Spilchuk

Borzu Talaie UX Design Advisory Council

Borzu Talaie

Mike Zacheja UX Design Advisory Council

Mike Zacheja

Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design

Fall 2022

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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Fall 2022

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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