The Essential Business Skills Needed In Today’s Dynamic Workplace

Business Administration

By Matthew McGrath

Overhead view of two business women having a meeting in an Office Lobby

As the post-pandemic world draws closer, working professionals and aspiring managers are seeing unique opportunities for advancement.

According to the Financial Post, SMEs (small-to-medium sized enterprises) represent 99.8 per cent of Canadian businesses and employ roughly 10.8 million people. These businesses will play a significant role in the Canadian economy’s recovery.

The Certificate in Business Administration from the York University School of Continuing Studies is poised to help new and established professionals enhance their existing business acumen and skills to realize their potential, and to pursue the leadership roles that will define their organization post COVID-19.

In the video below, Business Administration instructor Faisal Yousuf, talks about two key aspects of the program – case studies and building a brand. Knowing how organizations succeed and how to apply these learnings in real-world situations can benefit all professionals, no matter the industry or position.

Case studies, local and global

Case studies are a great way to learn from real-world situations and analyze how different organizations may handle the same challenge, like the pandemic for example.

As Business Administration instructor, Faisal Yousuf explains, “Students get to walk through case studies for businesses operating in the local marketplace and the global marketplace. They see how businesses are taking on challenges that aren’t just COVID-related but also for long term growth. Not just what’s helped them be successful today but also what will help them be successful in the future.”

This approach to learning prepares professionals to face present-day challenges while planting seeds of future success.

Build your brand, achieve your potential

Learning comes with its own challenges too. How do you take everything you’ve learned and apply it to your personal and professional life? How do you stand out and find opportunities to demonstrate your skills?

You start by building your brand.

Packaging your skillset and experience presents a clear image of what you have to offer. In a crowded marketplace, that’s valuable and unique.

And it’s an important part of the Business Administration programs. We discuss questions like; How do you network? How do you navigate an employment marketplace? What are some of the challenges that you can anticipate as you enter the market?

Business Administration instructor, Faisal Yousuf says, “All in all, our core purpose is to help students achieve their full potential. I’m excited that our students get to do this in such fast-changing, dynamic times.”

Develop a cross-functional skillset

A business leader today needs to go beyond traditional practices. Cross-functional skills like emotional intelligence, critical thinking and advanced communication are crucial to succeeding in a fast-changing business environment. We rarely work in silos and most often we heavily rely on collaboration, teamwork and delegation to achieve goals.

Through balanced coursework in the program, our students add these skills to their repertoire and also continue to build a strong foundation of business strategies, human resource management and project management approaches.

Account for change

Though it may seem dramatic, it’s important to know that the business environment can change in the blink of an eye. It did in March 2020. And so, it’s important to account for change. Professionals today need to stay abreast of current economic, social and environmental business trends.

While developing the Business Administration program, we worked with a team of professionals and industry experts for this reason. Our course instructors bring senior level experience from the private and public sectors, many as C-suite executives for multinational firms. Through their expertise, we’ve designed practical, industry-minded assignments that echo real-world situations. And our curriculum is reviewed and updated every time the program is offered. So, our students are always informed of the current business environment.

Who should take this program?

We’ve designed our Online Business Administration Certificate with the full-time, working professional in mind. So, students get the flexibility and support they need while balancing their personal and academic goals.

Our online program is perfect for working professionals seeking to expand their knowledge, new/aspiring managers interested in developing their business acumen and professionals interested in future leadership roles within their organization.

If you’re new to the field of business or looking to add a specialization to your resume, take a look at our full-time Post-Graduate Business Administration Certificate. Through live classroom components, students can get deeper with their learning and emerge with a detailed understanding of the Canadian business environment.

Whether it’s starting the business you’ve always wanted or making a case for a leadership position at your workplace, updating your skillset will give you the confidence and the know-how to put your plans into action.