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Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – Full-Time

Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – Full-Time

Hone essential business skills to take the lead in your career

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May 9th, September 5th, January 9th


$15,199 (International)

$6,599 (Domestic)


Advance your career and prepare to take on the challenges of management through experiential, real-world learning activities taught by leading business experts.

What you will learn

In the full-time Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, you’ll examine advanced concepts across business, including project management, business strategy, and human resource management. This program will allow you to:

  • Develop cross-functional skills like emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and advanced communication
  • Stay up to date with economic, social and environmental business trends
  • Examine financial statements used in decision-making
  • Apply your cumulative knowledge through a hands-on capstone project

Program Benefits

  • Curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning with minimal reliance on traditional testing
  • Case studies and industry-minded projects
  • Course content that is evaluated and updated every time the program is offered
  • Cohort learning model, allowing you to work with the same group of students and build a network of professional contacts after your graduate
  • Accelerated study—graduate in only 8 months


  • Business Administration Programs Information Webinar [00:55:10] [Watch now]
    Learn more about our Certificates in Business Administration, including information on courses, instructors, and how to enrol.
    *From 00:22:18 – Instructor Faisal Yousuf speaks about how to break into the world of business, benefits of taking this certificate program, and strategies to help students move forward in their careers.

Format: Full-time
Delivery: In-class
Term Starts: Fall, Winter, Summer
Program Length: 8 months

Who should take this program?

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is ideal for:
  • College or university graduates in fields outside of business who are looking to add a specialization to their resume
  • Early career professionals as well as new and aspiring managers
  • Professionals who want to develop foundational business administration skills
  • Professionals interested in future leadership roles within their organization
  • International students interested in gaining a Canadian perspective on business administration or management

Admission into the full-time Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program is highly competitive. Please note that meeting the minimum entry requirement does not guarantee admission. 

Admission Requirements
  • Minimum of a baccalaureate degree with a minimum of a 60% average (C) or a 3-year Canadian College Diploma with minimum ‘B’ or 70% average
  • Official transcripts (International students: please provide an original English-translated copy of your university degree or diploma and transcripts)
  • Completed online application form
  • Proof of language proficiency (international students only)
  • Resume
  • Statement of Interest Video

Review the minimum language scores for this program.

Delivery Format

Full-time – In-class

  • Courses are conducted in-person at York University main campus
  • Courses are typically scheduled four days per week, 3 hours per day
  • In addition to the live instruction, students should budget approximately 8-10 hours per course each week for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities and assignments


CSBA1020 Business Communications

Develop transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of roles in business. Develop key business/management skills that are required of business professionals and prepare for the business and professional environment in Canada through theoretical instruction, practical case analyses, interactive and team-based exercises, as well as oral and written assignments. Develop strong critical thinking skills, business acumen, oral and written communication skills (including presentation skills), negotiation and influencing skills, and data and numeracy skills, and much more.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA1010 Business Fundamentals

Examine the functional areas of business through a critical discourse about management, its sub-disciplines, and the current issues and future challenges it faces. Compare classic management articles with writings from alternative or contradictory perspectives. Examine current news stories to illustrate and assess the practical relevance of each of the management ideas presented. Develop, articulate, and support your own thinking in relation to contemporary business issues.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA1000 Business Strategy

Examine the external context of business and the challenges of managing in the Canadian business environment. Explore the external context of business considering economic, competitive, labour, technological, societal, global, and political issues. Gain insight into current challenges and opportunities that play a dramatic role in the business landscape and affect business strategy.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA2600 Human Resources Management

This course introduces you to the basic principles and concepts of human resources management, and provides a context for the challenges facing HR managers in contemporary Canadian organizations. You are given opportunities to identify organizational problems, and to prescribe and implement corrective actions.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA2200 Marketing Fundamentals

Examine fundamentals of marketing theory, concepts and management as applied to marketing’s strategic role in meeting customer needs, including product (goods and services), price, promotion, distribution, consumer, segmentation, positioning, ethics, and research to prepare to create a marketing plan.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA1500 Accounting - Analysis & The Use of Financial Information

Explore basic concepts in financial accounting, managerial accounting and their interrelationships to duties and responsibilities of a manager. Gain a critical overview of the accounting process and a broad, conceptual understanding of the role of accounting in modern society. You will study financial statements prepared for external audiences and how those statements contribute to financial decisions and capital markets; and, internal reports that affect managers’ day-to-day decisions.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA3353 Project Management

Examine the theory and practice of project management with a problem-solving approach to planning, budgeting, implementing and completing small and large-scale projects. Gain a strong working knowledge of project management fundamentals and be able to use this knowledge to positively impact workplace projects.

13 Classes

39 Hours

CSBA1030 Applied Capstone

The purpose of the capstone course is to create an opportunity for you to make connections between the various topics in the program; to analyze, synthesize, and apply the knowledge gained throughout the program to real-world business cases.

10 Classes

30 Hours



Jamal El Ali

Bartosz Amerski Business Management Instructor

Bartosz Amerski

Teni Araba Business Administration Instructor

Teniayo (Teni) Araba

Simran Bahmu

Simran Bhamu


Bonita Das Bhatla

Ellie Braham Business Management Instructor

Ellie Braham

Ana Caracaleanu Business Administration Instructor

Ana Caracaleanu

Judy Chang Business Management Instructor

Judy Chang

Nidhi Chopra Business Management Instructor

Nidhi Chopra

Tabitha DCouto Business Management Instructor

Tabitha D’Couto

Joanna Drakakis Business Management Instructor

Joanna Drakakis

Hanna Ha Business Admin Instructor

Hanna Ha

Anwar Habib Business Management Instructor

Anwar Habib


Mukhtar Kadiri

Rahim Katchi Business Management Instructor

Rahim Katchi

Dilash Krishnapillai Business Management Instructor

Dilash Krishnapillai

Shirley Lamarre Business Management Instructor

Shirley Lamarre

Cheryl Lee Business Management Instructor

Cheryl Lee

Jeff May Advanced Accounting Instructor

Jeff May

Janet Melo Thaiss Business Management Instructor

Janet Melo-Thaiss

Julia Motora Business Adminstration Instructor

Julia Motora


Doina Nugent

Kenrick Ohid Business Management Instructor

Kenrick Ohid

Adam Prokop Accounting Instructor

Adam Prokop

Josie Cassano-Rizzuti Accounting Instructor

Josie Cassano Rizzuti

Andrew Hamilton Headshot

Andrew Hamilton

Chris Rotolo Accounting Instructor

Chris Rotolo

Rehan Sher Business Management Instructor

Rehan Sher


Yakov Sluchenkov


Nadine Storr

Faith Tull Business Management Instructor

Faith Tull

Wei Yang Business Management Instructor

Wei Yang

Faisal Yousuf Business Management Instructor

Faisal Yousuf

Advisory Council

  • Maurizio Bevilacqua,
    Member of Parliament, House of Commons Canada
  • Rose Cammareri,
    Executive Vice President, Retail Distribution, AGF
  • Anthony Dale,
    President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association
  • Stephen Gaskin,
    Senior Vice President, BC & Yukon Region, Scotiabank
  • Greg Hewitt,
    Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express USA
  • Gary Spraakman,
    Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University
  • Bal Sahjpaul,
    Vice President, Digital Marketing & Customer Care, Grand & Toy
  • Faith Tull,
    Senior Advisor, Talent, MaRS Discovery District
  • Roberta Wilton,
    Chief Executive, The Dunfield Group

Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – Full-Time

Summer 2024

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$15,199.00 (International)

Summer 2024

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$6,599.00 (Domestic)

Fall 2024

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$6,599.00 (Domestic)

Fall 2024

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$15,199.00 (International)

Winter 2025

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$6,599.00 (Domestic)

Winter 2025

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$15,199.00 (International)

Policies & More Information

Technology Requirements for Remote/Online Courses

Please review the technology and software requirements you will need to access our courses remotely.

How do I get my certificate and graduate?

The School of Continuing Studies has a student record review process of students that have completed courses in the previous semester. Students who have successfully completed all the program requirements are eligible to graduate. Students are not required to formally apply to graduate.

Students will have their course grades reviewed by the Program Manager as they approach the end of the program. Students should expect to receive their Certificates in August/September by mail.

Library Privileges

Students enrolled in all of our Certificate programs have access to the York University Library. The School of Continuing Studies will provide you with the library application form.

How do I get the books and reading materials, and how much do they cost?

It is wise to budget approximately $150 – $200 per course. All the books and reading materials will be available at the York University bookstore. You can also order your books online at https://bookstore.yorku.ca/

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