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Why is Emotional Leadership Key to Online Learning?

With Social Distancing in place almost globally, the only option is to learn online, and many institutions and universities that offer traditional classroom-based instruction are new to it. Fortunately, the York University School of Continuing Studies has a proven track record of delivering quality, online learning, particularly in emerging technologies. We hope to share some […]

Too busy to work AND learn? Think again.

Many professionals believe that their busy lives will prevent them from going back to school. Forty plus hour work weeks. Family obligations. Volunteering and pursing personal hobbies. The solution is finding a part-time program that will not only help advance your career, but allows you the flexibility to handle all your other responsibilities. Rebecca Kapogiannis […]

Metro News: Advance your career with continuing education says HR expert

One of the sure ways to advance your career is through formal continuing education, says human resources expert The rapid rate at which in-demand knowledge and skills change today, no matter the industry, makes it crucial for professionals to continuously advance their skill set to ensure they remain marketable, says one expert. “The marketplace is […]

Metro: York University launches its big data analytics program this fall

Become a part of the growing data analytics field When the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is blanketed with snow, near-real time analytics of weather data, road condition data, vehicle positioning data and on-board sensor data ensures roads are optimally treated in terms of timing and material used. It is just one of the many ways […]

Enter the business world faster than ever.

  Professionals looking to advance their careers either within their own organization or through a new opportunity often face the difficult challenge of gaining the required credentials and education necessary for such a jump. With the competitiveness of the current job market, additional education can be the difference between a major promotion and not. Balancing […]