School of Continuing Studies Post-Grad Certificates get CPA Ontario Recognition

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By Harrison Stewart


The courses in the post-graduate certificates in Accounting and Advanced Professional Accounting have received recognition from the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Ontario. The School of Continuing Studies’ post-graduate certificates teach students accounting principles and the professional and leadership competencies needed to excel as they prepare for their CPA designations. The program is offered in a full-time, on-campus format, or through online study. Now students who complete the certificates may qualify for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP).

With two certificates and the opportunity to continue on to earn a master’s and/or professional designation, students are able to tailor their education to their career goals whether that includes a front-line position in a financial department or eventually assuming a senior leadership position.

“This is a dynamic profession that has evolved to perform a variety of roles in organizations; it’s not just about numbers but has become more about integrated and strategic functions in many facets of business,” says Lina Perrone, program manager.

“Preparing for such a dynamic industry necessitates a dynamic program of study. This is why we have included professional competencies and applied capstone courses in each of the certificates. This design embraces the idea that the world of accountants is much broader and diverse than people tend to think.”

The program’s Advisory Council of senior executives from many of Canada’s leading organizations has helped to identify the skills that employers covet. Now graduates of the certificates will gain an additional competitive advantage with certificate courses recognized as prerequisites for entry to  CPA PEP – in addition to the integrated content they receive covering leadership skills – including emotional intelligence, problem solving, verbal and written communication, critical thinking, decision making, and business acumen.

“We have worked in partnership with CPA Ontario to ensure the design of our program not only meets the specific knowledge requirements for entry to the CPA PEP, but that we provide an exceptional competency-based learning experience for our students,” says Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, Assistant Vice-President for Continuing Studies.

“The field has undergone significant changes in recent years and we are proud to officially be part of what is a growing and evolving landscape. This program takes learning to another level that is more integrated and comprehensive within a rigorous program that better prepares students for the CPA track. Our goal isn’t just to position our graduates to get hired, but to be able to demonstrate that they have what it takes to do more and to get promoted. That includes preparing our graduates for success in academic programs that they will likely take to get to the later stages of their career”, says Taylor-O’Reilly.

As a result of the unification of the CA, CGA, and CMA bodies under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, there are now over 200,000 CPAs in Canada and around the world, with CPA Ontario having more than 80,000 members and 23,000 students. Accountants attaining the CPA designation are well suited for various professional roles in business, finance, and accounting. The designation opens many doors, with CPAs in high demand. Attaining the Certificate in Accounting is the first step towards gaining admission to the CPA PEP and, ultimately, attaining the CPA designation.  For more information on the CPA certification program, click here.

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