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Pre-Destination York

Applicants with IELTS score of 5.5, AP6 completion or equivalent are eligible for the Pre-Destination York Program. Students who pass Pre-Destination York qualify for Destination York Program.


Chart showing the steps to gain York University admission from the Pre-Destination York program

The Pre-Destination York (Pre-DY) is an eight-week English language program for high school graduates who have not yet achieved the language requirements to enter the Destination York (DY) program.

Study in Toronto or Beijing

For eight weeks, you will have the opportunity to improve your English and academic skills, and prepare for the demands of the Destination York course work and the expectations of the undergraduate studies that follow. Most graduating Pre-DY students have acquired English skills equivalent to an IELTS 6.0, which qualifies them to enrol in the Destination York program


The Pre-Destination York program runs in Toronto from January through February and from September through October.


The Pre-Destination York program is offered in Beijing in May and June.


  • Program length: 8 weeks
  • Class size: Approximately 16 students
  • Classroom hours/week: 20 hours
  • Start dates: January, May, September


E-mail account, Internet and library access are supplied.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must:

  • Previous education: High school graduate
  • Language proficiency: IELTS 5.5 or AP6 completion or equivalent


Term Session Price (CAD) Register
Summer 2020 Pre-Destination York Program (May 4th - June 26th, 2020) $4,095.00 Apply
Fall 2020 Pre-Destination York Program (August 31st - October 23rd, 2020) $4,095.00 Apply

Confidentiality and Financial Security

Given the experiential and practical nature of the courses and the application of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) to York University, The School of Continuing Studies works to ensure that instructors and participants acknowledge and respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information that may be presented in the context of instruction. Instructors will limit the amount of personal information that is collected, used or disclosed in their sessions, and will ensure that all identifying personal information (including proper name, address, etc.) is omitted from all written documents in order to protect personal privacy and confidentiality. Instructors should not bring or share personal or other confidential files or records with the class or allow students to do so.
We are committed in protecting your privacy and your financial security, and we do this in several ways:

  • Your credit card information is never received or stored by our system. Only your financial institution has access to your credit card information.
  • Your Student Portal is password-protected. To access any personal and academic information, you must enter your username and portal password.

York University Privacy Policy

How to Register

  • Online: Available sessions
  • Bank Transfers: Please contact the English Language Institute if you intend to pay by bank transfer. Please be aware that most international bank transfers requests will be charged a bank transfer fee. Please ask your bank for details. Students are responsible to ensure the money they have sent to English Language Institute covers any bank transfer fees.
  • Money Order: The Money Order should be made payable to York University. Please mail the original Money Order to our office at the following mailing address:
    York University English Language Institute
    Suite 035 Founders College
    4700 Keele Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3J 1P3 CANADA
Please send required documents to our fax number: 416-736-5908 or email at

Fees & Payment Deadlines

  • English Language Institute Application Fee: $100.00 (one-time only, non-refundable) for new students.
  • York University Application Fee: $100.00 (one-time only, non-refundable) to submit an application for York University undergraduate studies.
  • Health Insurance (Emergency Medical coverage) is available for an additional cost of $100.00.

If you are unable to join the first day of the course, please immediately contact us in order to find out the last possible day to attend the program. Attendance deadlines do apply.

*Fees subject to change


  • Placement Fee: $100.00 (one-time only, non-refundable).
  • Deposit of $200.00 per course is required to complete your accommodation request.
  • You may apply for residence if you are between the ages of 18 and 29.
  • Residence includes a meal plan.
  • Cancellation and Refund

    Please refer to the following document for Academic Cancellation & Refund Policy questions & answers:

    Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policies and Procedures

    University Policy on Student Conduct

    • Students and instructors are expected to maintain a professional relationship characterized by courtesy, collegiality and mutual respect and to refrain from actions that would be disruptive to such a relationship;
    • It is the responsibility of the instructor to maintain an appropriate academic atmosphere in the classroom and the responsibility of the student to cooperate in that endeavour; and,
    • The instructor is the best person to decide, in first instance, whether such an atmosphere is present in the class and may at their discretion, take steps that they feel are appropriate to resolve an issue or dispute.

    In any case, where a student feels that this policy has been violated, they are urged to: notify the instructor of the course/program as soon as possible. Students may be asked to provide a detailed written description of their complaint to the instructor. The instructor may take measures they feel are appropriate to resolve the issue and/or may forward the complaint to the English Language Institute for review. Please refer to the full policy document on the York University website at:



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