Fall 2022 Program FAQ’s

For the past two years, the School has been constructing its new home, a 97,000 square foot building located on York University’s Keele Campus. The opening of the building was projected to open in September 2022, to accommodate all classes for Fall 2022 term.   

Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain constraints, has created delays in the building’s construction, specifically related to finalizing all functional details in our 50 classroom spaces.  We are very close to completion however, the space will not be ready to occupy by your program start date in September.  

As a result, your Full-Time Post Graduate Certificate program will now be held online for the duration of the first block of courses, from September 12th – October 30th, 2022.  Since the start of the pandemic, the School has been delivering online education to the highest standards, with instructors and programs receiving outstanding reviews.  Despite these unforeseen circumstances, we believe that this decision will ensure that you will have an excellent, uninterrupted learning experience, while the finishing touches are made to your brand-new learning environment.  We are very excited to have you be the first cohorts to enjoy the space.  

Please review the following details as they are critical to your Fall 2022 enrolment.

If you are enroled in the Fall 2022 cohort of one of the following programs, your first courses will be impacted.

  • Post-Degree Certificate in Human Resources Management
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Advance Accounting
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Business
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Operations
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing

The School, in collaboration with York International, will host two Q&A sessions on August 17th and 23rd from 9:30 am – 10:30 am EST where you can obtain immigration and registration related clarifications.

The registration details for these two sessions can be found at:

The interim online learning format will not subtract from or negatively impact your Post-Graduation Work Permit eligibility.

No. Students must reside in Canada to take their program to maintain eligibility for the PGWP.

The times for the courses will stay the same for the online format.  Course times are preassigned.

Classes will be live online through Zoom.  A Zoom Classroom link will be available in Moodle (Learning Management System).   

Students are required to be in Canada to start their program, so as not to negatively impact PGWP eligibility and therefore require the proper medical insurance.

There will be the same expectations for online attendance and in-person classes. Students are expected to attend all classes and will need to notify their instructor if they will be missing any classes.

Yes, the marking scheme will be the same for the online learning format.

Yes. Our team has been delivering high quality, engaging and interactive online learning for many years. They are experienced in making the most of the advantages that online learning can offer. We’re confident that you’ll find your online and in person learning experiences to be equally rewarding.

Contact Information

For questions related to enrolment, registration status and deferrals, a registration coordinator will be able to help.  Please direct questions to regscs@yorku.ca

For questions related to program information, schedules, and delivery method, a program coordinator will be able to help. Please direct questions to cpehelp@yorku.ca.

For questions related to visa status, please register to attend the Q & A sessions: