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Certificate in DevOps

Prepare for an in-demand career helping organizations navigate technological transformation

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Explore how DevOps provides business, technology, and software deployment benefits to organizations as well as how to implement best practices through Agile project management methodologies.

What you will learn

In this part-time Certificate in DevOps, you will gain the foundational understanding of software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops). This program will help you:

  • Construct a DevOps pipeline using tools such as Gitlab, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes with Helm, Terraform, Prometheus, and Grafana
  • Explore the business and technological benefits of DevOps and implement best practices that derive maximum value using Agile methodology
  • Examine SDLC and Agile Project Management Methodologies
  • Learn how DevOps can impact emerging technologies such as machine learning and AI

Program Benefits

  • First post-secondary program in this field to be offered in Canada
  • Engage in experiential learning activities, such as analyzing case studies on successful DevOps implementations
  • Curriculum developed in collaboration with, and taught by, leading DevOps experts
  • Advance through three DevOps courses with the same peer cohort and build your professional network

Format: Part-Time, blended
Delivery: Online coursework + 6 required live online days
Live Session Schedule: 2 weekend days per course (Sundays)
Program Length: 6 months

Introducing Live Online Learning

Career Potential

Organizations in the Greater Toronto Area and around the world are at various stages of DevOps adoption and are looking for ways to best staff their teams for DevOps roles. Organizations are eager for skilled, knowledgeable DevOps-trained employees that can help facilitate a DevOps cultural and technological transformation.

Agile and DevOps are emerging, in-demand disciplines within organizations with a high output of digital products and undergoing transformations in its IT and technological ecosystems.

1. Gartner. 2019 priority matrix for DevOps Gartner.

Get Hired for Jobs Like:
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Infrastructure & Operations Lead
  • DevOps Analyst
Gain These Cross-Functional Skills:
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Presentation Skills and Collaboration
  • Logic and Problem Solving

Who should take this program?

The Certificate in DevOps is ideal for:
  • IT Professionals
  • Software developers/engineers
  • Infrastructure specialists
  • Test engineers
  • Database administrators
Enrolment Requirements

This is a direct registration program. No application process is required–simply enrol in the session of your choice to get started.

You will need a Basic Knowledge of Linux, Scripting (Bash/Shell), and Python. For those that do not have a strong software development background, will have access to a Python, Scripting, and Linux self-directed refresher modules that can be completed prior to starting the program or concurrently.

Delivery Format

Part-Time – Blended

  • Courses combine in-person learning, on campus at York or Live Online via Zoom plus online learning
  • The live components are held at a scheduled day and time, on campus at York or Live Online via Zoom
  • The online delivery is asynchronous, which means that while students have set deadlines to complete their work each week, they do not have any required “live” components
  • Students should expect to dedicate approximately 8-10 hours of effort per course each week for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities, assignments, and so on


CSDO1000 Introduction to DevOps

The objective of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to understand the new world of DevOps and how DevOps is adopted in an organization's transformational journey. This course covers the key concepts, strategic objectives and methodologies that enable a successful DevOps adoption. DevOps is not only a shift in technology but requires a cultural shift in an organization – touching all aspects of people, process, and tools. Essentially, this course will enable a student to answer the following questions: Why DevOps? What is DevOps? How is DevOps helping organizations deliver and serve their customers better?

2 Classes

36 Hours

CSDO1010 The DevOps Toolchain in Practice

This course will build upon the concept of DevOps, and its importance in modern software development through application of various tools that enable effective DevOps strategies. Students will work with source code management (Git) to integrate and build continuous integration and deployment pipelines enabling automated deployments of software that meets the quality rigour defined by a software team. The use of a modern build server such as GitLab will help students apply the concepts. In addition, students will learn about Infrastructure as Code (Terraform) and Configuration Management (Ansible), and the implications of declarative and imperative management of infrastructure. In addition, students will work within the context of containers (Docker), and container orchestration (Kubernetes). Lastly, while it is important to enable development teams through speedy and robust deployment systems, it is imperative that in the event something does go wrong, there is visibility and tooling to enable the concepts of observability and reliability to build resilient systems.

2 Classes

36 Hours

CSDO1020 Next Generation DevOps

This course will build detailed knowledge about next generation DevOps and its role in digital transformation, through real-world case studies. It will provide hands-on experience utilizing public cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It will provide the necessary business and technical skills to design and build a secure Next-Gen DevOps CI/CD Pipeline.

2 Classes

36 Hours


Affaf Ahtisham DevOps Instructor

Affaf Ahtisham

Adarsha Datta DevOps Instructor

Adarsha Datta

Shane-Mannion DevOps Instructor

Shane Mannion

Juan Rodriguez DevOps Instrcutor

Juan Rodriguez

Haleh Shahzad DevOps Instructor

Haleh Shahzad

Advisory Council

Adarsha Datta DevOps Instructor

Adarsha Datta

Fahd Gulzar Cloud Computing Advisory Council

Fahd Gulzar

Joe Kitchen DevOps Advisory Council

Joe Kitchen

Igor Leikin DevOps Advisory Council

Igor Leikin

Danny Mistry DevOps Advisory Council

Danny Mistry

Eugene Peters DevOps Advisory Council

Eugene Peters

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Certificate in DevOps

Fall 2024

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