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Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Level up your data science toolkit

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Increase your hands-on experience with data analytics and develop the skills and confidence to establish a career within this growing field.

Why take the Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics?

The Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics builds on the initial Certificate in Big Data Analytics to further develop the skills you need to pursue a career in the field of Data Analytics. This program will train you to use data to identify and leverage key business and organizational opportunities and turn your findings into recommendations and solutions, allowing you to lead positive change in your work environment.

What you will learn

You will learn relevant data analytics tool sets, advanced methods for data analysis and apply your knowledge with a hands-on capstone course that includes analyzing real-life scenarios. To enrol directly in the Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics, you must successfully complete the initial Certificate in Big Data Analytics or be able to demonstrate equivalent education/work experience.

Program Benefits

We created this program in collaboration with data science leaders across several sectors, to ensure your learning experience satisfies the needs and expectations of local and national employers. You will practice techniques and develop knowledge through a series of experiential learning activities, including an end-to-end analytics project with a business, giving you hands-on experience that will help you establish or advance your career in this discipline. Plus, our unique student-cohort program model will allow you to develop a rich network of professional contacts after you graduate.

Format: Part-Time, blended
Delivery: Online coursework + ­required live-online sessions
Live Session Schedule: Bi-weekly 3-hour classes
Program Length: 6 months
Term Starts: Summer, Fall


Introducing Live Online Learning

To make our programming even more accessible, and to ensure the safety of students and instructors, we are now offering the in-class course components for professional programs completely online.

Career Potential

If you are currently working in analytics or a related field, this program can train you to identify and leverage key opportunities to support your organization’s strategic objectives, making you indispensable to any employer. Even if you aren’t working in the field of data analytics, this program will allow you to develop an invaluable skill set in any industry, enabling you to grow your career options.

Industry Information

Representing one of the largest talent shortages in Canada, data analytics opportunities are exploding in every sector—from marketing to financial services to professional sports. The Greater Toronto Area is at the epicentre of this talent gap. Employers frequently report that they can’t find qualified candidates and are heavily investing in re-training their workforce.

With open access to complex data sets, the introduction of new data software applications, and the increased applicability of data analytics to new market segments, the demand for qualified candidates will continue to grow. Big data is changing our world. It’s time to change with it.

Get hired for jobs like:

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Database Scientist

Gain these skills:

Advanced data analysis
Model building
Visualization and storytelling.

Who should take this program?

This program can help you advance in your current data scientist career or increase your data analytics skill set while still working within a business-oriented management or leadership role. The program is also ideal if you are a specialist in another field like marketing, insurance, finance, or human resources, and want to confidently leverage data to excel in your sector.


“Today more than ever, analytics play a crucial role in creating a positive customer experience. As a member of the program’s advisory council, I look forward to working with York University to help establish an analytics program that will set students up for success and close the skills gap for employers.”

Roland Merbis – Director of Customer Insights & Analytics at Scotiabank (Advisory Council Member)

How Can a Certificate In Big Data Analytics Provide Practical Experience?

Sohaib Zaid — Certificate in Big Data Analytics Graduate


CSDA2000 Big Data Management and Tools

As organizations gather more and more data from their business processes, traditional computer systems and tools cannot handle the massive volume of data. Distributive computing platforms and tools are needed to digest, store and retrieve data. This course looks at distributive tools for data analysis, machine learning, data digestion and visualization. These tools are employed in real world examples to find trends and make informed business decisions.

4 Classes

36 Hours

CSDA2010 Advanced Methods of Data Analysis for Management

Discover the complete process of building prediction functions, including complex data collection, feature creation, applying advanced algorithms, evaluation and deploying models as an app in this advanced course. A range of machine learning model based and algorithmic machine learning methods will be introduced. You’ll also learn how to apply learning algorithms to mining social media and network (sentiment, influence), text understanding (web search, anti-spam), association rule mining (recommender systems), time series analysis, and other areas.

4 Classes

36 Hours

CSDA2020 Advanced Analytics Capstone

Exercise the skills acquired in the previous courses as you work end-to-end on an analytics project. Students have an opportunity to select to either work: a) with a business on a sponsored project, or b) independently on their own project. This hands-on course requires defining the business problem, scoping out the project, review and preparing of collected data, as well as integrating, modelling and analyzing the data. Students are expected to also derive insights and offer recommendations based on their analysis.

4 Classes

36 Hours

Program Software


The list below provides an overview of the different software that may be used in our courses. As our program keeps up-to-date with current industry demands, please note that the actual software used and taught within each program is subject to change.

Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics

  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Spark
  • Elasticsearch
  • Hadoop
  • Jupyter Hub
  • Kibana
  • Pandas Libraries
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • Weka
Computer Requirements for this Program

All students will require access to a personal computer while in the Data Analytics program. Students will need to install various software programs throughout the program. Directions on what and how to download and install will be provided within the respective courses. The program recommends that students run with the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 / Mac OSX 10.9 or above / Linux operating system
  • Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) recommended; at minimum an Intel Core i3 (or AAMD equivalent) is required
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 20 GB disk space

Students will use Google Cloud Platform in this program. Students are permitted to work locally, and not on the cloud, if they choose.


Saber Amini Advanced Data Science Instructor

Saber Amini

Mayy Habayed Big Data Instructor

Mayy Habayeb

Indu Khatri Instructor Big Data

Indu Khatri

Rick Lambroff Big Data Instructor

Rick Lambroff

James Mwangi Big Data Instructor

James Mwangi

Mark Peco Big Data Instructor

Mark Peco

Preeti Raman Big Data Instructor

Preeti Raman

Hashmat Rohian Big Data Instructor

Hashmat Rohian

Hemant Sangwan Big Data Instructor

Hemant Sangwan

Ghassem Tofighi Big Data Instructor

Ghassem Tofighi

Jennifer Vlasiu Big Data Instructor

Jennifer Vlasiu

Dr. George Wanganga Big Data Instructor

Dr. George Wanganga

Advisory Council

Hashmat Rohian

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Tarundeep Dhot

Duncan Rowe Big Data Advisory Council

Duncan Rowe

Roland Merbis Big Data Advisory Council

Roland Merbis

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Rachel Soloman

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Ian Scott

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Boris Kralj

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Deepak Sharma

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Brent Fagan

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Jason Garay

Certificate in Advanced Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Fall 2022

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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Fall 2022

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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Summer 2023

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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Summer 2023

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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