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September 08, 2021 – Vaccine Mandate and Proof of Vaccination

As a follow up to the email regarding changes to Return to Campus dates, you’ll find below information about York University’s Vaccine Mandate and proof of vaccination.

REMINDER: As of September 7, the University will require proof of vaccination submitted through YU screen (or an approved exemption) for all who are attending our campuses this fall.

  • Information about how to upload proof of vaccination or submit your exemption request can be found in the Vaccines & Vaccination list of FAQs. You will be reminded on September 7 that you can begin this process.
  • In-person courses scheduled between September 7 and 11 will be delivered remotely for the first week.
  • On-campus instruction will resume on Monday, September 13 for all courses except those already designated for online/remote delivery in the Fall Term.
  • If you are studying remotely and are not coming to campus, you will not be required to complete daily screenings and submit proof of vaccination.


  • Read York University’s Vaccine Mandate and review the Vaccines & Vaccination FAQs to understand your rights and responsibilities.
  • As of October 19, any partially vaccinated or unvaccinated community members who haven’t been granted an exemption should enrol in online/remote courses as you will not be permitted to attend York’s campuses.
  • As of October 19, regular COVID-19 testing will no longer be permitted as an alternative to vaccination without an approved exemption.
  • To be considered fully vaccinated by October 19, you must have received the full series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine or a combination of vaccines no later than October 5. Details about accepted vaccines can be found in the FAQs.
  • If you are partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, or if your exemption request is under review, here is a list of on-campus vaccine clinics. You should also consult the FAQs for what you need to do to satisfy requirements to attend campus.
  • If you are an international student, the FAQs will address how York’s vaccine policy will affect you. If you are arriving in Canada on or after September 7, and you will not have a full series of an accepted vaccine because of the waiting period between doses, please check the FAQs for details and your options.


  • If you will not be fully vaccinated by October 19, you should only enrol in online/remote courses.
  • Check the York Courses website for online/remote courses.
  • Keep your eye on add/drop dates. You should also check the refund tables if dropping courses and make sure you’re eligible to drop.
  • If you are unsure of what course(s) to enrol in, or need clarification about your degree/program requirements, connect with your Graduate Program Assistant.
  • If you require further information around graduate courses, permissions, and course transactions, check out the Faculty’s Enrolment details.

We’ve sent you several emails in a short span of time and understand you may feel overloaded. Our goal is to provide information as we receive it from the Ministry of Health so that you are kept up to date. You can find every email we’ve sent to students regarding the pandemic on the Better Together website.

Thank you again for doing your part to ensure a safe return to our campuses this fall.

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost, Students