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Certificate in Machine Learning

Certificate in Machine Learning

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Take your skills beyond code. Learn to use project management principles to plan and execute machine learning solutions, helping to make positive change in the world of business.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a revolutionary emerging technological field. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to build mathematical models based on sample data to make predictions or decisions. As the world becomes more automated, more companies than ever are investing in machine learning to keep ahead of the curve. Top employers are looking for machine learning specialists who understand the business and ethical impact of their work.

What you will learn

You will work on multiple machine learning projects of various scales that capture the entire machine learning life cycle. You will work with both structured and unstructured data and with various supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning algorithms. These projects allow you to build upon your technical skills while gaining a holistic understanding of machine learning as it relates to current and relevant problems facing businesses.

You will develop key cross-functional business and communication skills that will allow you to build a business case to support the implementation of machine learning solutions in various industries and use project management principles to plan and execute a machine learning solution. You will also Use Python (and other languages) to create, implement and test machine learning algorithms in real-world scenarios.

Program Benefits

The Certificate in Machine Learning was created in collaboration with industry leaders.Through experiential learning methods from our industry expert instructors, you will practice the skills and explore the knowledge that will help you establish or advance your career in this in-demand discipline. Our unique student-cohort delivery will allow you to progress through the program with the same peer group, giving you access to a rich network of professionals.

Format: Part-Time, blended
Delivery: Online coursework + required live-online sessions
Live Session Schedule: 5 weekends of live-online class (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Program Length: 8 months
Term Starts: Fall

Introducing Live Online Learning

To make our programming even more accessible, and to ensure the safety of students and instructors, we are now offering the in-class course components for professional programs completely online.

2020 Program Award of Excellence
(Canadian Association for University Continuing Education - CAUCE)

Career Potential

A Certificate in Machine Learning qualifies you to work in a range of industries including data science, healthcare, finance and automotive. Experienced machine learning specialists earn an average of $107,000 per year. Now is the time to upskill in this in-demand field and pursue your career ambitions.

Industry Information

Recruiting machine learning talent is a top priority across the board, with companies investing more in machine learning than in any other area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The job market for machine learning specialists is expected to grow 56% in the next few years, with a recent growth of over 900% in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) alone!

Explore Employment & Entrepreneurial Streams

Our Certificate in Machine Learning offers two distinct streams (Employment and Entrepreneurship) to support your career goals. The Entrepreneurship Stream, a collaboration with Innovation York, provides you with the mentorship and support that is critical for a successful entry into the market and eventual scale-up of your business. You will also be granted an interview in the LaunchYU Accelerator or LaunchYU Experience program*, with access to awards of up to $55K.

*There is an additional fee of $1,200 for successful applicants to Innovation York.

Additional Benefits

This program also offers you a suite of additional benefits to enrich your learning and professional development. These are just some of the extra perks you will receive when you enrol:

  • Choice to complete project work with a partner business, or with on-campus supports for your start-up company
  • Potentially receive access to the Innovation York LaunchYU Accelerator program, with up to $55k in awards
  • NVIDIA Certificate in Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Google Colaboratory account
  • Chance to enter Kaggle competitions, as part of the curriculum
  • Up to $150 in credits for Google Cloud Platform
  • Free or discounted admission to multiple industry events in Toronto
  • Opportunity to attend additional professional development events with your peers: Toronto Machine Learning Micro-Series
  • First access to job opportunities from top employers
  • Continued connections to your peers and program manager after graduation
Get hired for jobs like

Data Scientist
Machine Learning Specialist
Junior Data Scientist
Or… Start your own venture.

Gain these skills

Critical thinking
Persuasion and negotiation
Public speaking

Who should take this program?

Enrolment Requirements

The Certificate in Machine Learning is for anyone with at least a second-year undergraduate-level understanding of linear algebra, calculus, probability and inferential statistics and with experience in Python or other programming languages.

Machine Learning educational prerequisites

Learning Outcomes

Students in this program learn to:

  • Describe the major business use cases of machine learning in various industries and how it provides monetary and other value to respective entities.
  • Assess the appropriateness of various techniques in identifying machine learning solutions to business problems with highest efficiency and least resources.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for a machine learning project that incorporates principles from different project management methodologies.
  • Prospect the feasibility of a machine learning solution being successful by comparing the data requirements with available and usable data.
  • Select machine learning models within supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning paradigms that map to specific business cases and challenges.
  • Design the various evaluation metrics and procedures required for model selection and explain the business rationale for use of the selected model.
  • Create, implement and test machine learning algorithms in various real-world scenarios using Python and other languages and frameworks.
  • Assess developments in artificial intelligence for ethical and public policy considerations as they relate to data privacy and protection, profiteering with meta-data, and various social and civic issues.
  • Present a business case for implementation of a selected machine learning solution that communicates the potential value-add, and using accessible language.

“It’s the first time that I’ve found a continuing education certificate that does so much work to help students connect with the industry and get hired.”

Lynn Liu – Student, Certificate in Machine Learning

“The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence is going through a rapid growth phase with many emerging applications. It is of utmost importance for businesses and data professionals to understand the implications of these changes and act on them. This program will give students the expertise they need to implement effective machine learning processes in the years to come.”

Dr. Iman Khodadad – Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Elucid Labs (Advisory Council Member)

How Machine Learning Helps People Process Large Amounts of Information

Patrick M. Osborne – Certificate in Machine Learning Graduate

Delivery Format

Part-Time – Blended

Courses combine in-person learning, on campus at York (or Live-Online via Zoom during COVID-19) plus online learning. The live components are typically held at a scheduled day and time (e.g. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm), on campus at York, (or Live Online via Zoom during COVID-19) where students and instructors gather to participate in active learning activities, share their learnings in an interactive format and hear from guest speakers.



CSML1000 Machine Learning in Business Context

You will learn the building blocks and tools that will empower you to take raw data sets and extract valuable insights and data visualizations that bring the data to life. You will be introduced to R programming and learn to manipulate data using various R libraries while working in RStudio and Weka. You will also be introduced to common algorithms and techniques for analyzing data and be introduced to the concepts, practices and tools that are used to implement machine learning. The course is designed to be practical and allow students to quickly apply their new skills to real world problems, with real datasets and using the CRISP-DM methodology.

3 Classes

36 Hours

CSML1010 Applied Machine Learning and Lifecycle

You will cover the lifecycle of machine learning working with Python and R, including processing unstructured data, feature engineering, dimensionality reduction, model selection and optimization, performance evaluation, and model improvement. You will cover advanced algorithms for complex problems that require specialized methods. You will gain hands-on experience with advanced algorithms such as ensemble methods, sequence models, association rule mining, and neural networks. You will construct models using data from a variety of application domains. Time will also be allotted throughout the course to expose students to various ethical and public policy considerations of their work. * successful completion of ML1000 is required to begin ML1010.

3 Classes

36 Hours

CSML1020 Machine Learning at Scale

Having an understanding of the concepts of machine learning, you will examine and apply the fundamentals of working with extremely large data sets. First, you will parallelize and perform MapReduce operations using Hadoop and Spark. Second, you will take a look at the fundamentals of deep learning and working with TensorFlow and Keras. You will focus on image and voice data and build deep neural network models. At the end of this module, you should be ready to take on a large-scale real-world project challenge. * successful completion of ML1010 is required to begin ML1020.

3 Classes

36 Hours

CSML1030 Machine Learning Capstone

In the machine learning capstone course, students address a business problem facing an organization by applying analytics models, methodologies, and tools learned in the program. The course will allow students to work on an end-to-end machine learning solution from problem formulation all the way to its deployment. As a result, students will create a data product that can be used to show their skill set to potential employers. The course will also provide an opportunity for students to work closely with business stakeholders, provides a networking opportunity, and exposes them to a real business setting. * successful completion of ML1020 is required to begin ML1030.

3 Classes

36 Hours


Karthik Kuber photo

Karthik Kuber

Director, AI/ML, Loblaw Companies Limited

Annie lee photo

Annie Lee

Lead Research Scientist, Vertical Scope

Hashmat Rohian photo

Hashmat Rohian

Vice President, Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy & Applied Innovation, Cooperators Group of Companies

Cecilia Ying

Cecilia Ying

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Smith's School of Business at Queen's University

Advisory Council

Harish Bhaskar photo

Dr. Harish Bhaskar

President and Chief Scientific Consultant, Zero One Infinity Consulting

Jeff Brunet photo

Jeff Brunet

President, Wysdom.Ai

Maria D’Angelo

Data Scientist, Zero Gravity Labs

Christian Gravel photo

Christian Gravel

Co-Founder and CEO, Intellect Dynamics

Yang Han photo

Yang Han

Co-Founder and CTO, StackAdapt

Dr. Nidhi Hegde

Applied Research Team Lead, Borealis AI

Jesse Hirsh

Metaviews Media Management

Dr. Iman Khodadad

Co-Founder and CTO, Elucid Labs

Ajinkya Kulkarni


Melissa Sariffodeen photo

Melissa Sariffodeen

Co-Founder and CEO, Canada Learning Code

David Scharbach

Toronto Machine Learning Summit

Dr. Ozge Yeloglu

Microsoft Canada

Certificate in Machine Learning

Fall 2022

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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