Entrepreneur Mackenzie Kilshaw takes digital marketing certificate to pursue new business opportunities

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By Matthew McGrath

Mackenzie Kilshaw has enjoyed a successful career as an entrepreneur and business professional since she earned her undergraduate degree, with career highlights such as creating her first company in 2014. Recently, Mackenzie started a new venture as a business consultant and decided this was the perfect time to continue her education and add to her skill set.

Mackenzie just graduated from the School’s Certificate in Digital Marketing and spoke with us about her experience in the program and how she feels the knowledge she gained will aid her in her new venture.

Could you describe your educational and career background prior to enrolling at York University’s School of Continuing Studies? 

Prior to enrolling at York University’s School of Continuing Studies, I had a diverse educational and career background rooted in entrepreneurship and business management. I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003. Following my convocation, I excelled in the business community in Saskatchewan for ten years, demonstrating leadership and innovation in various roles.

In 2014, I created and operated Two Fifty Two Boutique in Saskatoon, followed by a second location in Regina in 2017. In 2022 I became a full-circle entrepreneur with the sale of my business. My entrepreneurial spirit continued to flourish as I ventured into podcasting with the creation of #WINNING in 2022. I am currently launching a new venture, Mackenzie Kilshaw Co, as a business consultant. Throughout my journey, I received recognition for my achievements, including nominations and awards such as Women of Distinction, SABEX and ABEX. My dedication to community involvement and volunteerism further exemplifies my commitment to making a positive impact beyond my business endeavours. 

What inspired you to continue your education at this stage in your life? 

At this stage in my life, I was inspired to continue my education at York University’s School of Continuing Studies by a desire for personal and professional growth. I recognized the importance of staying current with industry trends and acquiring new skills to remain relevant as a business consultant. 

Additionally, I saw further education as an opportunity to deepen my expertise in digital marketing and expand my career opportunities as previously all of my digital marketing skills were self-taught. With a commitment to lifelong learning and a passion for personal development, I embraced the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skill set through York University’s reputable program. Ultimately, I viewed continuing my education as an investment in myself and my future, empowering me to achieve my goals and aspirations. 

What drives your passion in your chosen career field? 

My passion for marketing and business is driven by the dynamic nature of digital marketing and its profound impact on businesses and consumers alike. I am fascinated by the ever-evolving landscape of technology, consumer behaviour, and marketing strategies, and I find immense satisfaction in leveraging digital tools and platforms to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. The ability to creatively problem-solve, analyze data, and optimize campaigns to drive results fuels my enthusiasm for this field. Ultimately, I am driven by the opportunity to make a tangible impact, whether it’s helping businesses achieve their goals, creating compelling content that resonates with audiences, or contributing to the overall growth and success of the entrepreneurs and businesses that I work with. 

Why did you choose York University’s School of Continuing Studies for your program? 

I chose York University’s School of Continuing Studies because of its reputation for excellence and industry relevance. The school offers a wide range of programs tailored to working professionals, allowing me to pursue further education while balancing my career and personal life. Overall, York SCS stood out to me as a trusted institution committed to providing high-quality education and supporting the professional development goals of its students. 

How would you describe your experience with the instructors at the School? 

My experience with the instructors was exceptionally positive. They bring a wealth of industry experience and expertise to the classroom, enriching the learning environment with real-world insights and practical knowledge. I’ve found them to be approachable, supportive, and dedicated to helping students succeed. I am grateful for the guidance and mentorship provided by the instructors, which have been instrumental in my academic development. 

What was it like to collaborate with your peers throughout the program? 

Collaborating with my peers has been an enriching experience. It provided opportunities to learn from diverse perspectives, share insights, and collectively tackle challenges. I appreciated the camaraderie and support within the cohort, as we encouraged each other to strive for excellence and overcome obstacles together. Collaborative projects allowed us to leverage our strengths and skills, fostering creativity and innovation in our work. Collaborating with my peers not only strengthened my understanding of course material but also cultivated valuable relationships and networks that will continue to benefit me in my professional journey. 

Can you share a moment from your time at the School that you are particularly proud of? 

I am particularly proud that I achieved a perfect score of 100 on both a midterm exam and an assignment. As someone who had been out of school for a significant period of time and initially felt intimidated by the academic challenges, this accomplishment was incredibly rewarding. It reaffirmed my belief in my capabilities and demonstrated that with dedication, perseverance, and hard work, I could excel academically despite any initial apprehensions. This achievement not only boosted my confidence but also served as a reminder of the importance of pushing past my comfort zone and embracing new challenges. It was a proud moment that validated my decision to pursue further education and inspired me to continue striving for excellence in all aspects of my academic and professional journey. 

What are your plans for your career or further education after graduating from your program? 

My plans for my career involve leveraging the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired to pursue opportunities in my new venture, Mackenzie Kilshaw Co. I aim to apply my education and experiences to advance my client’s businesses. I am committed to staying informed of emerging trends and technologies in my field, continuously refining my skills, and seeking out opportunities for growth and advancement of both my own business and the businesses I work with. 

Looking ahead, what are your long-term career goals, and how do you feel your program has prepared you to achieve them? 

My long-term career goals include making a significant impact on the organizations and businesses that I work with and becoming a thought leader and mentor in the business world. York University’s program has equipped me with a strong foundation in digital marketing principles, practical skills, and industry insights. Through coursework, hands-on projects, and interactions with classmates and instructors, I’ve gained a deep understanding of current trends and best practices. Additionally, the emphasis on experiential learning has allowed me to develop a portfolio showcasing my capabilities. I feel well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the digital marketing landscape and contribute meaningfully to the field. With the knowledge and skills acquired from the program, I am confident in my ability to achieve my long-term career aspirations and make a positive impact on the organizations I work with.