Globe and Mail: First Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development designed for working professionals launches at York University School of Continuing Studies

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Toria Gibbs, Senior Software Engineer, Etsy
Toria Gibbs, Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

Gone are the days when becoming a full-stack web developer meant leaving work for weeks on end.

Until recently, this intensive “bootcamp” style of learning was largely the only option for people looking to join the fastest growing specialization in the field of web development in the Greater Toronto Area. The weekly time commitment for full-stack programs left this area of study out of reach for many working professionals, effectively putting up a barrier between them and a job market that has recently grown over 2500% in the Greater Toronto Area alone.

The York University School of Continuing Studies has changed all that with their new Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development, launching September 2018. Designed to make learning full-stack web development accessible and inclusive for people from all different walks of life, this part-time program boasts the lowest weekly time commitment compared to similar programs currently being offered. Classes take place on weekends, making it painless for students to balance their work and life commitments while still enjoying the benefits of intensive study.

“There is a significant shortage of talent for full-stack web developers and—at the same time—the educational programs currently available are simply not realistic options  for people with careers and other substantial commitments,” says Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, Assistant Vice-President, Continuing Studies. “Our new Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development will give a whole new generation of working professionals the chance to join this exciting, and rapidly expanding, field in a way that allows for work-life balance.”

The York University School of Continuing Studies’ Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development gives students a chance to work with employers on real-world website projects, building business and communication skills alongside applied technical skill in an array of front and back end technologies. This focus on collaboration and cross-functional skill building is key to success in getting hired by top employers in the field. In fact, the program was created under guidance by a diverse group of top full-stack web development professionals with equal gender representation; the very people who hire for the types of jobs students in the program will be applying for after graduation. This intentional focus on inclusive design and representation is a cornerstone of the program.

York University’s Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development is an exciting new way to become a full-stack developer,” says Toria Gibbs, Senior Software Engineer at Etsy. “The feature of the program that I’m most excited about is that it takes place only during evenings and weekends. By allowing students to keep their day jobs, the certificate is accessible to those who can’t afford to lose their source of income for several weeks or months. York University is opening the door for a new range of people to enter the lucrative field of web development.”

The Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development runs on an innovative cohort model, which keeps students together throughout the program, nurturing meaningful relationships and enriching students’ learning experience. This model is a hallmark of the York University School of Continuing Studies, and has been proven to create more hirable graduates. The first cohort is set to start in fall 2018, with enrolment open now.

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