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By Christine

Connect with your instructors

Published on Wed Aug 26 2015

The university system in Canada, in general, is designed to meet the needs of young full-time students.

Consequently, the system presents challenges for working adults who desire to go back to university.

Some of these challenges are insurmountable for adults and prevent them from starting or completing a part-time degree.

“At York University, we’ve identified the gaps and have designed N.O.W. Plus Pathway for Mature Students to meet the unique needs of working adults,” says Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, founding executive director, York University School of Continuing Studies.

“N.O.W.” stands for Nights, Online and Weekends.

“Adult students can use any combination of these, plus daytime courses if they choose, to work university degree studies into their lives,” says Taylor-O’Reilly.

The “Plus” relates to filling the rest of the gaps – specifically, removing the barriers that prevent adults from coming to university and the frustrations that cause them to leave.

“At the School of Continuing Studies, we understand the needs of working adults,” says Taylor-O’Reilly.

“N.O.W. Plus is designed to make the university experience as seamless as possible.”

Two degrees are currently offered through the N.O.W. Plus pathway – the 90-credit bachelor of administrative studies and the 90 credit bachelor of human resources management.

Students can complete a 90-unit business degree in as little as 3.5 years completely through night, online or weekend classes.

Students will learn the same material from the same instructors and professors as full-time degree students but in a much more convenient schedule and with supports designed specifically for continuing education students.

York University has always placed a strong value on ensuring access to university.

“It is part of our DNA, which is why we already have over 9,000 part-time students,” says Taylor-O’Reilly.

With N.O.W. Plus, York University has taken accessibility to working adults to the next level.

“N.O.W. Plus takes the fear and unknown out of going back to school as an adult,” says Taylor-O’Reilly.

“Our Continuing Studies Advisor acts like a concierge to help make navigating the university much more intuitive and manageable.”