Career Talk with Tracey: Part 4

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By SCS Editor

In Part 4 of our Career Talk with Tracey, we offer guidance to recent college and university graduates on how they can recession-proof their careers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the Canadian economy. Because of this, recent university and college graduates feel immobilized and uncertain of what to do next. But the time to act is now. Taking a wait-and-see approach leaves people at risk of being left behind when the economy eventually rebounds. In fields where there is shortage of skills and jobs, the competition among applicants will be much higher. At the York University School of Continuing Studies, you can begin a program in May and complete it in 6 months. When the economy begins to recover, you’ll be ready for the jobs that are most in-demand.

Over the next couple of weeks, students across Canada will be completing their undergraduate studies and preparing for graduation in June. But, what was once an exciting, hopeful time for students ready to embark on their careers, is now a time of uncertainty and anxiety due to the global pandemic and resulting economic devastation. Many new college and university graduates across the country are now asking themselves, “what do I do next?”

In this four-part video series, Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly, AVP, York University School of Continuing Studies, will provide answers to the questions graduates have about their future prospects in a post-pandemic world. These videos will provide hope, guidance, advice and concrete actions new graduates can take to upskill and prepare themselves to quickly find a career during this difficult economic time.

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