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Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing

Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing

Build your digital marketing expertise from the ground up

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$15,199 (International)

$6,599 (Domestic)


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Master a professional digital and content marketing skill set and gain the expertise and confidence to make data-driven marketing decisions that show results.

Why take our Digital and Content Marketing program?

No matter where in the world you work, there are companies trying to reach the right audience with their marketing message. Innovations in digital marketing and content marketing have made it possible to serve your content to just about any target audience you can dream of, with international reach and real results. In this program, you’ll learn to be the person behind the message and develop the expertise to lead marketing and business objectives .

What you will learn

This eight-course program starts from the basics, giving you a solid foundation in core marketing and business concepts before moving on to master advanced topics in digital and content marketing. In eight months of full-time study, you’ll earn a comprehensive education in core areas, including, web analytics, email marketing, content marketing strategy, editorial planning, copywriting and consumer research.

You’ll also develop technical competencies in user data and segmentation, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) communications and PPC (Pay per click) advertising.

Program Benefits

Created in collaboration with industry leaders, this accelerated certificate gives you the opportunity to work on assignments that are relevant to real-world job requirements, practice key cross-functional skills needed to excel as a digital marketing professional and graduate with a portfolio of project work. Through our student-cohort delivery model, you will advance through this program with the same peer group, allowing you to form connections with a community of marketing professionals.

Format: Full-time
Delivery: In-class
Term Starts: Fall, Winter, Summer
Program Length: 8 months

Career Potential

Technological innovations in marketing have made it possible to distribute your messaging and content to target audiences across the globe, instantaneously. However, this rapid growth in technology has caused a skills gap in the digital marketing job field.

Nearly 1 in 2 marketing jobs require digital skillsDigital marketing jobs have recently grown 164% in the Greater Toronto AreaContent marketing jobs pay $10,000 more on average compared to traditional marketing jobs

Many marketing professionals from different backgrounds struggle to keep current with their knowledge and technical expertise. The result is that, even though almost half of all marketing jobs require digital skills, employers are having trouble finding qualified digital marketing professionals to join their teams.

In this program, you’ll get the chance to practice the core job skills top employers demand when hiring digital marketing professionals and graduate with a portfolio of project work, which you can use to land your next job.

Get hired for jobs like

Digital Marketer
Content Marketer
Social Media Coordinator
Paid Search Specialist

Gain these skills

Analytical and Critical Thinking
Emotional and Social Intelligence
Logical and Problem Solving

Delivery Format

Courses are conducted in-person at York University main campus at a regularly scheduled day and time. Courses are typically scheduled four days per week, 3 hours per day. An instructor will facilitate your learning each step of the way. In addition to the live instruction, students should budget approximately 8-10 hours per course each week for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities, assignments, etc.

In the event the university restricts on-campus attendance due to COVID-19, courses will continue, as scheduled, Live Online via Zoom.

Who should take this program?

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing is ideal for international students and recent college or university graduates who want a comprehensive education in digital and content marketing. This program can also enhance the careers of people with experience or educational background in marketing, business, entrepreneurship, web or graphic design, communications, journalism and other related fields.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, successful students will be able to:

  • Learn how organizations manage their business in a digital age to stay current, strategic and profitable
  • Examine emerging digital marketing trends and discover how they can be used to enhance existing marketing strategies
  • Identify the steps of their customer’s journey and apply them to their digital marketing strategy to attract and retain customers
  • Increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their website by using digital marketing channels and advertising tools (e.g. SEO, SEM, social media, display, etc)
  • Explore CRM best practices and marketing automation to enhance meaningful communications and engage with customers
  • Develop a content marketing strategy that aligns with their organization’s goals
  • Use social media and digital content to grow and engage with their audience and achieve business goals
  • Apply content amplification strategies to reach and engage a wider audience through search, display, social, editorial, email techniques, earned vs paid vs owned media
  • Make data-driven decisions across all digital platforms by using metric reporting and measurement to guide their marketing strategy


Cora Brady photo

“We always start with training a new employee on the principles and strategy behind [digital marketing] – if we hired someone who already had this knowledge, they’d hit the ground running faster and more quickly have an impact on our business. I’d definitely pay more for that!”

Cora Brady – Managing Director, Bob’s Your Uncle (Advisory Council Member)

Admission Requirements
  • Minimum of a baccalaureate degree with a minimum of a 60% average (C) or a 3-year Canadian College Diplomas with minimum ‘B’ or 70% average
  • Official transcripts (International students: please provide original English translated copy of University degree and transcripts.)
  • Online application form
  • Statement of Interest video
  • Resume
  • Proof of language proficiency (international students only)

Review the minimum language scores for this program.

Admission into the full-time Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing program is highly competitive. Please note that meeting the minimum entry requirement does not guarantee admission.

How Can School of Continuing Studies Help Your Career?

Paarth Kalra – Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital and Content Marketing


CSDM1030 Business in Digital Age

Business in a Digital Age looks at how organizations structure and manage their business in a digital age to stay current, strategic, and profitable. A consideration of economics, strategy, ethics, ownership, organization, and management are all addressed to give context to business in Canada. A digital lens is used to consider where business might be going, with the creation of a business plan using new models for existing industries in the Canadian business environment.

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSCM1030 Marketing Fundamentals

Examine fundamentals of marketing theory, concepts and management as applied to marketing’s strategic role in meeting customer needs, including product (goods and services), price, promotion, distribution, consumer, segmentation, positioning, ethics, and research to prepare to create a marketing plan.

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSDM1000 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course explores how media is consumed across all devices and platforms to create an ecosystem for marketers and advertisers to effectively communicate products, services and brands. This course will study the intersection of offline and online media, global and national trends in the digital industry, the impact of data collection and privacy and how to navigate as a digital strategist in this environment. You will learn how to reach target consumers through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Video, Social, Mobile and emerging technologies.

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSCM1000 Planning and Analysis for Content Marketing

The backbone of successful content marketing requires a well considered plan that will achieve your business goals. Learn how to construct an effective content marketing strategy, identifying: the purpose and goals for your content, target audience and buyer’s journey, the most effective paid, earned, shared and owned channels to leverage, metrics and key performance indicators, resources and processes required to deliver on the plan.

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSDM1010 Marketing for Search Engines and Social Media

This course will focus on teaching you how to apply the foundational learnings from the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. You will be taught how to leverage best practices for optimizing websites through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), run Google Ads (SEM), learn how to develop a content calendar and plan across social channels, and develop ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You will also learn how to track / measure key metrics utilizing native platforms. Includes project work with real companies

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSCM1010 Content Creation

Learn about creating content, from ideation and development to editing and dissemination, to reach wide and focused audiences. Learn how various content types function as part of a digital marketing strategy as well as the power of an engaging brand story. Build an effective content plan and a portfolio of work to show prospective employers.

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSDM1020 User Engagement and Marketing Automation

In this course you will learn how to map user journeys and build marketing process flow charts. You will be introduced to various marketing automation tools and software and learn how they can be used to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You will apply your learnings from the previous courses to plan marketing funnels and drip campaigns across a variety of platforms utilizing sophisticated remarking tactics. You will also learn best practices around collecting, storing, segmenting and utilizing user data and how to keep people engaged post purchase. Concludes in a group project that develops a cross platform full funnel digital marketing campaign

12 Classes

36 Hours

CSCM1020 Content Promotion and Amplification

The famous quote, "If you build it, they will come", from the movie Field of Dreams, doesn’t necessarily apply to the content you create. Acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively promote your content. Create and execute a comprehensive content amplification strategy, covering native advertising and influencer marketing, and leverage content distribution channels to ensure your content makes an impact.

12 Classes

36 Hours


Silvana Aceto Image

Silvana Aceto

Senior Manager, Communications and Member Engagement, Toronto Regional Real Estate board

Heath Applebaum

Heath Applebaum

President and Chief Reputation Officer, Echo Communications Inc

Shalini Bazari photo

Shalini Bazari

Marketing Communications, The Credit Institute of Canada

Thomas Hormaza

Thomas Hormaza

Founding Partner, French Marketing Canada

Ken MacLean photo

Ken MacLean

Digital Marketing Consultant, Marketize

Jeff May photo

Jeff May

BA (Hons), M.Ed

Shelley photo

Shelley Middlebrook

Mortgage Agent, Right Path Mortgage Service Inc

Michelle Pellettier photo

Michelle Pellettier

Justin da Rosa photo

Justin Da Rosa

Content Marketing Manager & Strategist + Course Instructor, York University

Luxy Thuraisingam photo

Luxy Thuraisingam

Head of Global Partner Marketing, Cisco

Advisory Council

Jill Bora photo

Jill Borra

Senior Director, Content Strategy, RBC

Cora Brady photo

Cora Brady

Managing Director, Bob’s Your Uncle

Michelle Cody

Senior Director, Marketing Planning & Operations, Rogers

Alex Conde

Senior Manager, Content Strategy & Development, Questrade Financial Group

Tami Coughlan

Head of Sales & Partnerships, Pelmorex Corp.

Justine Melman

Justine Melman

VP, Marketing & Communications, Flybits

Rebecca Shevel

Director, Marketing, Custom Solutions & Project Management, Fifth Story

Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital & Content Marketing

Summer 2022

On Campus Classes

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$15,199.00 (International)

Summer 2022

On Campus Classes

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$6,599.00 (Domestic)

Fall 2022

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$15,199.00 (International)

Fall 2022

On Campus Classes

Course Details +

$6,599.00 (Domestic)

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