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Certificate in Product Management

Certificate in Product Management

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Learn to leverage business, technology and UX design to launch new products, navigate digital transformations and deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

What you will learn

In the part-time Certificate in Product Management program, you’ll explore the product management lifecycle such as but not limited to customer discovery, competitive analysis, data analytics and UX design. This program will allow you to:

  • Prepare and present a compelling business case for the development of a product, service or enhancement
  • Communicate a vision, strategy, and product roadmap to achieve desired business outcomes
  • Apply agile project management principles to the development of a product, service or enhancement
  • Implement design thinking, UX, and other relevant frameworks to support business needs across multiple industries and product types
  • Analyze data to support decision making related to product features and launch success

Program Benefits

  • The first post-secondary product management program to be offered in Canada
  • Designed in consultation with, and taught by, leading product management professionals
  • Develop your skills through experiential assignments and projects
  • Exclusive fireside chats with top product managers and leaders with opportunities to build your network
  • Graduate with an impressive portfolio of work
  • Upskill on a schedule that works for you through an accelerated, blended delivery format
  • Build your professional network as you advance through the program with the same peer cohort

Format: Part-time, Blended
Delivery: Online coursework + required live online sessions
Term Starts: Fall, Winter
Program Length: 6 months


Introducing Live Online Learning

Career Potential

The growing need for Product Managers

There has been significant growth in the number of job postings for product managers. As organizations undergo digital transformations and adopt an omnichannel customer experience, the demand for product managers is expected to continue.

Gain These Cross-Functional Skills:
  • Critical thinking
  • Stakeholder management
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Complex problem solving
  • Teamwork and business acumen

Who should take this program?

The Certificate in Product Management is suited for:

  • Early career starters (1-2 years) in an operations role such as marketing, sales, customer success or consulting who are preparing to switch careers
  • Business Analysts seeking a more strategic role with a product team, and are familiar with requirements analysis
  • Associate Product Managers who are working towards a promotion
Enrolment Requirements

The Certificate in Product Management is a direct registration program. No application process is required; simply enrol in the session of your choice to get started.

Delivery Format

Part-Time – Blended

  • Courses combine live online classes via Zoom plus online learning
  • The live components are held at a scheduled day and time over Zoom
  • The online delivery is asynchronous, which means that students have set deadlines to complete their work each week
  • Students should expect 8-10 hours of effort per course each week for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities and assignments


Katherine Chong Product Management Instructor

Katherine Chong

Jed Cawthrone Instructor Product Management

Jed Cawthrone

Michelle Chan Product Management Instructor

Michelle Chan

Shreyas Sali Product Management Instructor

Shreyas Sali

James Thomas Product Management Instructor

James Thomas

Danny Williams Product Management Instructor

Danny Williams

Advisory Council

Aazam Bhimji Product Management Advisory Council

Aazam Bhimji

Katherine Chong Product Management Instructor

Katherine Chong

Jonmichael Moy Product Management Advisory Council

Jonmichael Moy

Guinevere-A-Orvis Product Management Advisory Council

Guinevere A Orvis

Andre Plaut Product Management Advisory Council

Andre Plaut

Farhan Tahir Product Management Advisory Council

Farhan Tahir

James Thomas Product Management Instructor

James Thomas

Brian Weiner Product Management Advisory Council

Brian Weiner


CSPM1000 Introduction to Product Management

The objective of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to understand the fundamentals of Product Management. This course covers the key concepts, methodologies and tools that help product managers successfully build and ship products that solve real customer problems. Essentially, this course will enable a student to answer the following questions: - What is product management, how does it vary across companies and areas of focus? - How do we know we are building the right product and features? - What things need to be consider to build a product in the right way, from requirements to launch?

3 Classes

27 Hours

CSPM1010 Data Analytics for Product Managers

The objective of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to understand how data can be used to support product and business decisions. This course covers the common frameworks, business scenarios and storytelling fundamentals for students to be able to influence the wider organization through sound decision-making processes. Essentially, this course will enable a student to answer the following questions: Why do we need data in product management? What data is the most important? How do we use data to support decision-making and optimize for value?

3 Classes

27 Hours

CSPM1020 UX Design for Product Managers

This course will focus on the business value of design, along with its key concepts and processes as they relate to creating products and services for the 21st century. This course will enable students to answer the following questions: - What is UX? - Why is it important? - How is design used to build successful products and services?

2 Classes

18 Hours

CSPM1030 Applied Product Management Capstone

The process of developing a new product has grown increasingly challenging, made even more difficult by the ever-increasing client demands brought about by technological advancements. The goal of this course is to provide students with experience as product managers and the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the first three courses of the Certificate in Product Management to a real-world project. Students will develop an understanding of the product management lifecycle process in its entirety. Through user research, prototyping, and analysis, students will conclude their project by generating a product roadmap.

8 Classes

36 Hours

Certificate in Product Management

Winter 2024

(Online + Live Online Classes)

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