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Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy

Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy

Help your organization get its head in the cloud

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Help organizations plan and manage a smooth cloud computing adoption. Develop the perfect blend of business savvy, technological expertise and communication skills to become a talented cloud solutions professional.

What is Cloud Computing Strategy?

Moving away from physical servers to remote solutions is no easy undertaking. Even the best managed organizations sometimes struggle with implementing process changes—especially when it involves their data and IT systems.

Organizations need experienced Cloud Architects and Consultants with detailed knowledge of cloud service models, change management strategies, and business risks and benefits in order to facilitate a smooth and successful adoption initiative.

What you will learn

In this program, you will gain a thorough understanding of various cloud service models, as well as associated business risks and implications—all while gaining exposure to management tactics and cross-functional skills to facilitate smooth and successful adoption initiatives.

Through collaborative, work-integrated learning, you will earn a comprehensive foundation in both the business and technical sides of a cloud computing adoption. You will also gain the skills to create a compelling business case and architectural diagram to support a cloud initiative, leveraging expertise in various service and deployment models, governance and associated organizational implications.

Program Benefits

Developed in collaboration with industry leaders and taught by experienced cloud computing professionals, you will build the strategic communication, analytical thinking and negotiation skills to lead change during exciting, challenging times for organizations. You will also benefit from the student cohort program model, which enables you to build your professional and personal network with your peer group of IT and business professionals.

Format: Part-Time, 100% online
Delivery: Online coursework (asynchronous)
Live Sessions: No required live-online sessions
Program Length: 6 months
Program Starts: Fall, Winter

Career Potential

If you want to migrate an organization to cloud-based computing, it’s going to take more than technical expertise. In this program, you will develop the strategic communications and change management skills necessary to successfully guide teams and organizations through the various stages of cloud adoption.

The best career opportunities in cloud computing demand a balanced blend of business savvy, technological expertise and communication skills. This program gives you the edge you need in a competitive market.

Industry Information

More organizations than ever are using the cloud to become more scalable, adaptable and secure. This intensity of interest has placed cloud computing strategy in the top five skills needed by Canadian organizations, and the number one recent technological change affecting the IT field.

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate

300% recent growth in cloud computing jobs in the Greater Toronto Area
Three quarters of organizations are currently adopting cloud solutions

1 of 5 top skills needed by organizationsNumber 1 recent technological change affecting the IT field

Get hired for jobs like:

Cloud Architect
Enterprise Architect
Cloud Consultant

Gain these skills:

Analytical and Critical Thinking
Written and Verbal Communications/Presentation Skills
Emotional Intelligence/Negotiation and influencing skills

Who should take this program?

The Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy is ideal for anyone working in, or consulting on, IT operations or enterprise solutions. Recent degree graduates looking to launch a career in technical sales are also an excellent fit. This program can enhance the careers of people with experience in IT operations, IT consulting, business strategy analysis, sales and other related fields.

Enrolment Requirements

The Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy is a direct registration program. No application process is required; simply enrol in the session of your choice to get started.

Learning Outcomes

The Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy covers all the core areas you need to know, giving you the skill and expertise to:

  • Compare various cloud service and deployment models
  • Define the essential characteristics of cloud computing
  • Discuss how governance, security, privacy, risk management, regulations, and compliance impact an organization’s cloud strategy
  • Compare the core services offered by the top three cloud providers
  • Create a compelling business case for cloud adoption
  • Discuss the impact of emerging technologies in cloud computing
  • Create a high-level architecture diagram for a cloud adoption

Cloud platforms and apps drive growth and the vast majority of IT enterprises have at least one application in the cloud. Investments are soaring, year over year. As the momentum continues, it will be critical for technology-dependent industries to recruit and retain cloud-centric skills and talent.

Michael Eubanks – Chief Information Officer and SVP Operations Support at goeasy Ltd. (Advisory Council Member)

Delivery Format

Part-Time – Online (Asynchronous)

Courses instruction and peer interactions are done online through our course management system, Moodle. Course delivery is asynchronous, which means that while students have set deadlines to complete their work each week, they do not have any required “live” components (e.g. class at 7pm on Tuesdays). There may be optional, live sessions, via Zoom, throughout the course for the instructor to provide additional coaching and support. These optional sessions may be recorded and shared with students who cannot attend.

Students complete one course at a time which helps to balance multiple priorities such as work, home life, personal responsibilities, etc. Students should expect to dedicate approximately 8-10 hours of effort per course, each week, for readings, discussions boards, practice opportunities, assignments, etc.

Students can expect to write exams/quizzes, complete assignments (individual and group), and participate in live and online discussions with their peers.


CSCC1010 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

This course will introduce students to the discipline of cloud computing and explain its role in modern business and IT environments. The purpose of the course is to provide students with an introduction to cloud computing concepts and terminology, while also examining: the history of computing, the rationale and benefits of adopting cloud computing, the current state of cloud computing vendors in the industry, major considerations and architectural components when designing cloud applications, and, the evolution of cloud computing and the latest advances in the field.

36 Hours

CSCC1020 Cloud Strategy and Governance

This course will provide comprehensive coverage on the strategic concepts, architectures and governance of cloud computing from a business perspective. It provides a thorough analysis of the business case to consider cloud deployment and the governance structure to be put in place for a successful implementation.

36 Hours

CSCC1030 Applied Approaches to Cloud Adoption

This course, through real-world case studies, will provide detailed knowledge about cloud-based solutions architecture, and it is role in the digital transformation of business. It will provide hands-on experience in utilizing public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It will provide the necessary business and technical skills for architecting and designing secure cloud-based solutions.

36 Hours


Eric Anastacio Cloud Computing Instructor

Eric Anastacio

Claude K. Sam-Foh_ Cloud Computing Instructor

Claude K. Sam-Foh

Leonid Sorokin Cloud Computing Instructor

Leonid Sorokin

Advisory Council

Michael Eubanks Cloud Computing Advisory Council

Michael Eubanks

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Rachel Guinto

Fahd Gulzar Cloud Computing Advisory Council

Fahd Gulzar

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Olav Hanrath

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Marin Litoiu

Steve Ojwang Cloud Computing Advisory Council

Steve Ojwang

Vinay Puri Cloud Computing Advisory Council

Vinay Puri

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Chris Russell

Instructor or Advisory Council Placeholder Image

Jon Vanuden

John Weigelt Cloud Computing Advisory Council

John Weigelt

Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy

Fall 2022


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