Woman in a mediation process

Dispute Resolution

The ability to understand and resolve conflict is now considered a “core competency” in many private- and public-sector workplaces.  Skills in dispute resolution enrich our relationships in the workplace, at home, and in the broader community.  Skilled dispute resolution can enhance our effectiveness on the job, increase our employment opportunities, and broaden the ranges of career options available to us.

Students have been enrolling in our Certificate Program since 1997 for several reasons.  For many, this Certificate is the first step in the process of becoming a professional mediator in the field of their choice.  Some students have an interest in acquiring specific skills for use in their current or future jobs.  Other students are curious about the field and want to achieve a basic understanding of the theory and practice of dispute resolution.  Our alumni include professionals working in administration, business, education, finance, government, healthcare, law, policing, real estate, correctional service, social work, and several other disciplines.