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New exclusive resume service helps our students keep their careers on target

This Fall, we launched an exciting new addition to our student experience here at the York University School of Continuing Studies. Our students now have access to an online career services portal, powered by Resume Target, that provides access to 100’s of free resume templates, customized to industries ranging from accounting to technology. The portal […]

Too busy to work AND learn? Think again.

Many professionals believe that their busy lives will prevent them from going back to school. Forty plus hour work weeks. Family obligations. Volunteering and pursing personal hobbies. The solution is finding a part-time program that will not only help advance your career, but allows you the flexibility to handle all your other responsibilities. Rebecca Kapogiannis […]

Developing your personal brand is vital to career success.

The School of Continuing Studies at York University is pleased to announce the second instalment of our Career Growth series. For our next event we welcome Sean Mullin as our guest speaker. Sean is a CPA Ontario Student Representative. He has been a professional recruiter for 6 years and promotes the accounting profession as well […]

Continuing Education the Key to Prolonged Career Success

Technology has increased the competitiveness and pressure in today’s workplace, making continuing education another way to expand and learn new skills. Learning on the job is not quite what it used to be, leaving continuing education as an alternative to enhancing a skill set to achieve success in the workforce. It’s a path Steve Wuthmann […]

High-profile international delegations flock to York over summer months

The York University English Language Institute (YUELI) continued to establish itself as a global leader in academic and professional English training this summer, attracting a volume of visits from key international delegations that has been higher than ever. Eight groups of key decision makers from higher education institutions in Hong Kong and Japan were welcomed […]

Media Planet: 5 Reasons Why Women Should Pursue A Career In Cyber Security

The competitive field offers women an ample opportunity for growth and success. Find out how. There’s a talent shortage in various cyber security fields, and women can position themselves to fill those gaps with great jobs in any role they choose to pursue. Sarah Qureshi, Cyber Security Advisor for Paladion Inc., shares her thoughts on […]

On the Go Toronto Magazine: Why Risk Missing A Career–Changing Opportunity?

Businesses in Canada face an ever-changing landscape of risk. It’s becoming increasingly important in industries like finance, insurance, health, food safety and construction to take a proactive approach to managing risk, protecting their assets (and customers) from preventable threats to safety and security. The recent cyber attacks that have brought businesses across the globe grinding […]

Metro News: Advance your career with continuing education says HR expert

One of the sure ways to advance your career is through formal continuing education, says human resources expert The rapid rate at which in-demand knowledge and skills change today, no matter the industry, makes it crucial for professionals to continuously advance their skill set to ensure they remain marketable, says one expert. “The marketplace is […]

Unique York U/Toronto District Schoolboard collaboration offers world-class experiential learning to Saudi educators

On July 5th 2017, the first cohort of 59 Saudi principals, counselors and teachers graduated successfully from the new ‘Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion’ program, created through an innovative partnership between the York University English Language Institute (YUELI) and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). This group of graduates is likely to be […]