Cyber Security

Build a portfolio of in-demand skills with two Cyber Security Certificates

Program Formats:

The Cyber Security Program allows you to earn one or two distinct certificates to get an edge over your competition. You can choose to enrol only in the initial certificate (Fundamentals) or in both certificates (Fundamentals and Advanced) at the same time to complete the full program.

This program is also offered in two delivery formats: our blended, part-time program which takes 5 months to complete per certificate, and the new, short intensive format which allows you to complete both Fundamentals and Advanced just 12 weeks.


Short Intensive

Cyber Security: Fundamentals & Advanced – Short Intensive (12 weeks)

Gain the knowledge required to help you become a more effective IT manager and project leader. In just 12 weeks of accelerated study, you will cover all the topics of both the Fundamentals and Advanced Cyber Security Certificates, and have a top-level overview of all eight domains of the CISSP body of knowledge and be prepared to tackle the CISSP exam. The Cyber Security program’s intensive format entails asynchronous online coursework in combination with five live-online evening sessions per course.


Part-Time, Blended (live online)

Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals (5 months)

Explore the fundamental knowledge required to help you become a more effective IT manager and project leader. Students who plan to earn the CISSP designation can choose to continue on to the Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security right away or take a break and enrol in a later term.

Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security (5 months)

Build upon the foundational knowledge gained in the first certificate to develop managerial competencies and a more thorough understanding of the eight knowledge areas required for the CISSP designation. This certificate is scheduled to align with CISSP examination dates to allow graduates the opportunity to write the exam while the course material is still fresh in their minds.

  • Pre-Requisites: To register in the Advanced Certificate, students must have successfully completed the initial Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals or hold the CISSP designation.


Enrolment Requirements:

  • The Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals as a stand-alone offer, as well as the bundle of the Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals and the Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security taken together are direct registration programs. No application process is required; simply enrol in the session of your choice to get started.
  • To register directly in the Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security, you must either complete the Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals first or hold the CISSP Designation.  Direct enrolment into the Advanced Certificate is subject to review and approval by the Program Manager and is granted only by exception.

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