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Academic Program

Posted By Crisdelis Rodriguez On November 13, 2014 @ 10:11 am

As of March 16, 2020, all York University English Language Institute programs will be delivered 100% online.
This is not new to us, as our English Language Institute has launched and delivered many quality online programs over the years, and we will continue to maintain the highest quality of instruction for those considering starting their studies with us. For any enquiries or questions about our programs, please contact yueli@yorku.ca [1], and for details on changes applicable to your program of interest, please read the information in the Online Delivery [2] tab at the bottom of this page.

Language preparation for study in English


The Academic Program(AP) has 9 levels for students – from absolute beginners to advanced learners. Students also participate in activities, trips, and social events organized by York University Community Leaders, giving you the opportunity to build your skills and confidence in preparation for your future university life.

An alternative to IELTS and TOEFL

The Academic Program was designed as a  comprehensive English for Academic Purposes (EAP) preparation for students at any level of English. This helps students learn English to the level they need – from basic communication skills to completing a PhD. Our unique program allows students from AP6 to AP9 to sit in on many courses at York University and experience what its like first-hand. From these levels, students can apply for conditional admission to York University.

  • Students from over 70 nationalities have enrolled
    in this program over the last 5 years!
  • York University students hold regular Conversation Partner
    sessions and host regular social and interactive clubs
    and activities.
  • Students who complete Level 9 of the Academic Program
    (with Honours or Distinction if necessary) will meet the
    language requirements for entry to York University.

Learn while you make friends and have fun

AP gives you the chance to participate in social activities and trips, practice your
English outside the classroom and build your confidence! In addition, AP3-AP9
students choose a seminar each session to complement their core class objectives.
Some of the special English learning opportunities include seminars for:

  • grammar
  • pronunciation
  • reading
  • photography
  • music
  • Canadian culture
  • … and more!



Levels AP1-AP5 [4]

Levels AP1-AP5 focus on helping build a solid foundation of English proficiency in all four language skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Students who successfully complete Level AP5 may apply to the York University English Language Institute’s Bridging Program [5], where they can take a class for academic credit while completing the remainder of their language proficiency requirements to be admitted to York.

Levels AP6-AP9 [6]

Levels AP6-AP9 focus on the kinds of language, critical thinking and study skills required to be a successful student in a university or college setting where English is the language of instruction.

Students who successfully complete Level AP6 are eligible to apply for Conditional Admission* to York University. Conditionally-admitted students are also eligible to apply to Pre-Destination York program [7].

Conditionally-admitted students who successfully complete Level AP7 or Pre-Destination York program [7] are eligible to apply to the Destination York Program [8], where they can complete the equivalent of Levels AP8 and AP9 in one very intensive eight-week program.


More Information

Online Delivery [9]

In the Academic Program, you will study online in a live classroom environment with our expert instructors guiding you through the course material. Our online courses allow you to drop-in daily to study in a group for 15 hours per week. You will also have a weekly five-hour module of self-study where you can hone your skills on your own time to advance your English proficiency.

Each level’s self-study module builds to a unique learning project that will showcase the new language skills you have learned. During this project, you will investigate real-world issues and themes using an inquiry-based approach. The project will sharpen your critical thinking skills while enriching your English vocabulary and overall language ability. Examples of projects are sustainability brochures, debates on world issues, and a job skills WebQuest.

All courses are delivered through custom-designed Moodle classes, allowing you to prepare for university from the comfort of your own home. In addition, we offer up to 10 additional hours of English learning per week through our wide complement of optional activities, which include: clubs, conversation partners and student-led discussions.

Online Delivery Summary

  • Program length: 8 weeks per session
  • Online Class size: 17 students maximum
  • Synchronous Classroom hours/week (live instruction): 15
  • Asynchronous hours per week: 5
  • Access to support services
  • Technology requirements: a computer with reliable, high speed internet, camera and microphone
  • Online start dates:
    • June 29 – August 21, 2020
    • May 4 – June 26, 2020

Summary [10]

Schedule [13]

This program consists of 20 hours of instruction per week, offered Monday-Friday including a choice of seminars to accommodate students’ specific learning. Students will be placed in a morning, afternoon, or evening session depending on their placement level. The level is determined by a test written on the first day of the session.*

Out-of-Class Timetable [14]

University Life, a range of co-curricular activities designed to provide a balanced program of in- and out-of-classroom learning, includes:

            • Orientation to the York University campus
            • Access to self-study facilities available for use before and after class
            • Conversation Partners [12]
            • Daily student-led discussion sessions
            • Campus activities that will bring students into contact with other members of the York community
            • York Admissions [15] advising sessions
            • Workshops on university life skills, including topics such as time management skills, applying for admission, and testing strategies
            • York English Language Test [16] (Levels AP7-AP9 only)
            • Attendance at university lectures (Levels AP6-AP9 only)

Materials [17]

An e-mail account, internet and library access, textbooks and limited printing and photocopying services are included in the tuition fee.

Accommodation [18]

Accommodation in homestay [19] and on-campus York University residence [20] is available

Social & Cultural Activities [21]

These activities [11] allow students to socialize with other participants in the course, attend cultural events, and visit places of interest in and around Toronto.
A visit to the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, an NBA game, a Soccer Club, and a Games Club are examples of s the many trips, clubs, and activities available to English Language students.

Admission Requirements [22]

You are at least 18 years old*

*If you are under 18, you still may be eligible. Contact the English Language Institute to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions [23]

Please refer to the following document for Academic Program questions & answers:

Academic Program Student Handbook [24]

Please refer to the following document for Academic Cancellation & Refund Policy questions & answers:

Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policies and Procedures [25]

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