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MBA/Specialized Master’s Preparation Program

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Get ready for your MBA or Master’s studies in just 8 weeks

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The MBA/Specialized Masters Preparation Program will help you prepare for graduate studies in business by advancing your English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill areas, targeting graduate-level
academic and real-world business contexts.

Develop the skills needed to be effective in a North American MBA or graduate-level business study program

The MBA/Specialized Masters Preparation Program is a full-time English course for students with suitable English-language proficiency (see the requirements below)
who wish to further improve their language skills to meet graduate-level business study standards.
As a graduate of this program, you will be equipped with the English language skills needed to apply to the MBA program oranother master’s-level program at York University’s Schulich School of Business (Canada’s top business school) or to a
graduate-level business program at another top-tier university.

Intensive language study is delivered through business-related projects, field trips, and guest speakers from the Canadian business world, ensuring a learning experience with a
real-world edge.

You will gain confidence as you work independently and in teams to conduct research, review case studies, analyze economic and financial data, draft a written report,
participate in networking and interview situations, and deliver a presentation to evaluators from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Explore the city while you study

English-speaking Canadian students (Community Leaders) lead social and cultural activities in and around Toronto, helping you practice conversational English in a stimulating environment and make the most of your Canadian experience.

Business (PreMBA)

Prepare for a successful Master in Business Administration in English

Over 8 weeks, prepare for graduate studies in business by raising your proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking English in a business context.

Summary [1]

Program length: 8 weeks in 2 four-week stages
Class size: Approximately 16 students
Classroom hours/week: 20 hours

  • 4 hours of instruction daily
  • Held twice a year in July/August and November/December
  • Social and cultural activities and events in and around Toronto, led by English-speaking Canadian students


Finance (Pre-MFin)

Prepare for success in your Master in Finance

The Pre-MFin Program is committed to building your academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as they apply to a business context. The program is in two parts, the Pre-MFin itself and the Business Master’s Adjunct Program (BMAP).

  • Pre-MFin

    Over 3 weeks in July, the Pre-MFin focuses intensively on developing your English language and academic business culture skills. The program content is based on authentic material from the world of finance.
    Each Pre-MFin class integrates reading, writing, critical analysis skills and presentation skills. It also provides plenty of opportunities to improve communications skills that are key to academic and career success.

    Summary [2]

    Program length: 3 weeks
    Class size: Approximately 16 students
    Classroom hours/week: 30 hours
    6 hours/day – 4 morning hours, 2 afternoon hours
    Mainly supports 1-year Master’s of Finance students
  • BMAP classes

    In the second part of the Pre-MFin Program starting in September, you will begin the BMAP.
    Together, the Pre-MFin/BMAP package strives to enhance your skills and prepare you for success. The program also builds your confidence to exceed expectations in your Master’s studies and life-long career goals.

    Summary [3]

    Classroom hours/week: 3 hours
    September to February
    An adjunct program – for PreMFin students when they start the Master’s of Finance program at Schulich



Admission Requirements [4]

  • Previous education: An undergraduate degree and have met ONE of the following
    English-language proficiency requirements below.
  • Language Proficiency:
    -IELTS: minimum score 6.5 overall with no more than one component at 6.0
    -TOEFL: minimum score 560 (paper), 220 (computer), or 87 (iBT)
  • AP9 completion with honours or distinction
  • YUELI Graduate Studies Preparation Program (GSPP): successful completion of GSPP
    Term 1 with a recommendation to the MBA/Specialized Master’s Preparation Program from GSPP instructors




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