Custom Program

York University’s English Language Institute has considerable experience in designing custom training programs for business people, government officials, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, accountants, and English language teachers. These custom training programs combine a specific professional discipline with the particular English language skills required to communicate in an international context.
Whether you are interested in improving a particular English language skill, or wish to enrol in a comprehensive course that covers a wider range of skills and cross-cultural business practices, York University’s English Language Institute can offer specialized short- and long-term programs to meet your needs:

  • Programs for groups held on campus or at your place of work
  • Curricula developed by English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers with extensive experience teaching English for business, and professional purposes
  • Custom-designed curricula, based on the English language skills required for specific business, and professional environments
  • Comprehensive assessments of English language skills

Contact us today to learn how the English Language Institute can assist your business with a custom English as a second language program.