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No hard hats. No shovels. No live speeches. York University Celebrates Twisted New Building with a Virtual Groundbreaking Site

The twisted new building is going to be big, but the need is even bigger than the building. York University is constructing the first dedicated structure for its School of Continuing Studies. The new building, located at York University’s Keele campus, will serve as home to the School, helping to meet some of the increasing […]

School of Continuing Studies on Collision Conference Day 3

#CollisionfromHome is making its mark as conversations heat up between tech entrepreneurs and journalists, venture capitalists and activists, all bringing their insights to bear on global challenge and change in 2020. With 130,000 platform-hosted attendee chats sparked by the presentations, Day 2 brought together diverse perspectives on everything from climate to politics in the digital information age—and tech’s role as both a source of controversy and a force for good.  The third and final day features another […]

How Has COVID-19 Shifted Data Analytics?

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a new lens to look at data analytics. We see graphics everywhere and it raises some important questions. Not just about the value of data as we understand it, but also about opening, sharing and using data. “The current situation has highlighted some of the challenges we face with data […]

How We’re Supporting Canadian Workers Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has led to unprecedented job losses. According to a recent Angus Reid study, 44% of Canadian households reported having lost work as early as March 25. We knew we had a responsibility to help Canadians and their employers rebound. Our School has earned a national reputation for developing relevant, engaging programs for […]

York University Emergency Bursary for School of Continuing Studies Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to make significant changes to our day-to-day lives to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community. In many cases, these changes have caused our students unexpected financial hardships or prevented them from going home to be with their family. What’s more, the scope and uncertainty of […]

Can You Be Cyber Secure During the COVID-19 Crisis?

During this crisis, there has been a significant increase in Cyber-attacks due to the fact that many organizations have moved to a very rapid “work from home” model. Threat actors are capitalizing on this unprecedented event by increasing attacks on vulnerable organizations. In some cases, they are playing on victim fears by tailoring attacks in […]

What Jobs Will Be in Demand After COVID-19?

Canada has been experiencing a skills gap for years. Termed “The Quiet Crisis”, there have been many high skills jobs available but a limited amount of qualified people to fill them. In 2019, for example, Canada’s five largest cities had openings for thousands of positions in cybersecurity, cloud computing and IT auditing, digital marketing, content […]

Why Do People Turn to University Continuing Education in Tough Economic Times?

For many years, we’ve had labour shortages at the same time as many young people have had difficulty launching meaningful careers despite obtaining post-secondary education. This was called ‘The Quiet Crisis’, a situation where employers were unable to find people with the skills they needed and young adults were unable to fill those jobs, resulting […]