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Post-Graduate Certificate in Back-End and Blockchain Development

Transform business with innovative blockchain technology

Blockchain is decentralized, transparent, and mostly unalterable. It improves data integrity through using an entire network of computers to record and validate transactions. This technology became popular within commerce, but its potential is being realized across numerous industries, including supply chain management, healthcare, finance, and public administration, specifically with electronic voting systems. In the last two years, the demand for blockchain skills has increased by 374% in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) alone.

Demand for blockchain developers increased by 374% in the GTA
Entry-level salary for Canadian blockchain developer is $75,000
89% of global organizations are hiring blockchain developers
[1] According to Deloitte’s 2018 global blockchain survey

Why Choose York?

REAL-WORLD PROJECTSGet hands-on experience

accelerated-learningMASTER RELEVANT TOOLS
Gain specific skills employers demand

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES<br /><br /> Learn and grow with your peersNETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Learn and grow with your peers


Break out from the crowd in blockchain development

A successful blockchain developer goes beyond understanding cryptography and data structures. You must be confident in advising organizations on how blockchain can offer significant business value and knowing when and when not to implement the technology. Standing out from the crowd means you recognize the connection between blockchain architecture and business outcomes. Leading companies are seeking blockchain developers who are strategic in their implementation of new technologies from concept to deployment.

Created in collaboration with industry executives, the full-time 9-course Post-Graduate Certificate in Back-End and Blockchain Development is the first and only technical blockchain certificate delivered by a Canadian university. This certificate will equip you with the tools to confidently launch your career. Create real-world blockchain solutions as you collaborate with peers and build upon your existing knowledge. Aside from critical technical skills, you will build and practice foundational cross-functional skills employers demand like complex problem solving, business acumen, and social perceptiveness. The program concludes with a unique capstone course, allowing you to further apply and demonstrate your knowledge.

As you graduate with a diverse portfolio of work, these learning outcomes will prepare you for real blockchain job functions, helping you secure your next career opportunity and greater success.

Who should take this program?

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Back-End and Blockchain Development is designed for recent post-secondary graduates and international students with working knowledge of JavaScript who are pursuing careers in blockchain development.

This program can enhance the careers of people with educational background in:

Computer ScienceComputer Science

Network TechnologyNetwork Technology

Computer Engineering Technology Computer Engineering Technology

Web DevelopmentWeb Development

… and related fields

Program delivery

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Back-End and Blockchain Development is an 8-month full-time in-class program. You’ll come to our Keele Campus in Toronto, ON to attend class.

Finish in 8 months


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the certificate, successful graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze appropriateness of blockchain for business use through development of a simplified qualification matrix.
  • Assess use cases of blockchain technology for compliance with various frameworks and industry standards.
  • Select the most suitable consensus mechanism and platform in developing a blockchain solution.
  • Design and develop a decentralized application on public and private blockchain in various sectorial contexts (e.g. currency, real estate, health).
  • Define specifications for, and administer, performance testing for blockchain solutions.
  • Collect and review metrics in diagnosing performance bottlenecks for blockchain technologies.
  • Comply with specific standards and processes established for sharing of data and its security.
  • Describe product development, product lifecycle management and client communication as it relates to back-end development
  • Discern and effectively communicate the overall architecture of different software applications
  • Identify and use the appropriate products, tools and frameworks required to build and maintain a software application.
  • Effectively troubleshoot issues related to rapid application and plugin development, artifacts, testing, building and deploying, security, performance turning, and dynamic and static typing.

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