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Metro News: Advance your career with continuing education says HR expert

One of the sure ways to advance your career is through formal continuing education, says human resources expert The rapid rate at which in-demand knowledge and skills change today, no matter the industry, makes it crucial for professionals to continuously advance their skill set to ensure they remain marketable, says one expert. “The marketplace is […]

Metro: York University launches its big data analytics program this fall

Become a part of the growing data analytics field When the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is blanketed with snow, near-real time analytics of weather data, road condition data, vehicle positioning data and on-board sensor data ensures roads are optimally treated in terms of timing and material used. It is just one of the many ways […]

Enter the business world faster than ever.

  Professionals looking to advance their careers either within their own organization or through a new opportunity often face the difficult challenge of gaining the required credentials and education necessary for such a jump. With the competitiveness of the current job market, additional education can be the difference between a major promotion and not. Balancing […]

Media Planet: Top 4 Reasons To Learn Data Analytics

INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Tim Wottoon shares how data analytics helps him understand his business. For tech entrepreneur Tim Wootton, data analytics are the secret to understanding what makes his business tick. Wootton is the CEO and founder of Rover Parking, a Toronto-based app that connects people with empty parking spots with people looking to park. Rover’s success […]

Enhance Your Career with York’s Certificate in Risk Management

  Risk management is a rapidly expanding field with Risk Managers earning an average salary of $82,422 per year in Canada, and the demand for qualified risk management professionals is expected to continue to increase into the future. The program will produce graduates that are ready to take on the evolving landscape of risk management, […]