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Custom Designed

We partner with you to design professional, customized language-based programs that meet the needs and goals of your organization.

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We work with business partners to craft English language programs that combine the needs of specific professional disciplines with the language skills required to communicate in an international context.

What is a custom designed program?

York University’s English Language Institute has considerable experience in designing innovative custom training programs for working professionals including business specialists, government officials, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, accountants, and language teachers.

Custom programs can be held at York University facilities or at your place of work, and follow the same comprehensive assessment of participants’ language skills that the English Language Institute uses in all of its programs.

What we offer

Each customized program integrates the unique needs of your business with the specific language skills your employees require to better meet these needs. We ensure that your ongoing input is a central feature of a custom program.

Who is this service for?

Educated professionals from around the world increasingly find themselves in business and professional settings where English is the language used. Many non-native English speakers see their varying degrees of proficiency as a barrier to career advancement and positions of leadership.

Whether you are interested in having the Institute design a program that focuses on a particular language skill, or you wish to create a comprehensive program that covers a wider range of skills and cross-cultural professional practices, we can craft a specialized short- or long-term program to meet your organizational and professional needs.

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