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MBA/Specialized Master’s Preparation Program

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As of March 16, 2020, all York University English Language Institute programs will be delivered 100% online, including terms starting in May and June 2020. Our English Language Institute has launched and delivered many quality online programs over the years. This is not new to us, and there will be no interruptions or compromise in learning quality for those considering starting their studies with us. For any enquiries or questions about our programs please contact yueli@yorku.ca [1].

Get ready for your MBA or Master’s studies in just 8 weeks

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The MBA/Specialized Masters Preparation Program will help you prepare for graduate studies in business by advancing your English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill areas, targeting graduate-level
academic and real-world business contexts.

Develop the skills needed to be effective in a North American MBA or graduate-level business study program

The MBA/Specialized Masters Preparation Program is a full-time English course for students with suitable English-language proficiency (see the requirements below)
who wish to further improve their language skills to meet graduate-level business study standards.
As a graduate of this program, you will be equipped with the English language skills needed to apply to the MBA program oranother master’s-level program at York University’s Schulich School of Business (Canada’s top business school) or to a
graduate-level business program at another top-tier university.

Intensive language study is delivered through business-related projects, field trips, and guest speakers from the Canadian business world, ensuring a learning experience with a
real-world edge.

You will gain confidence as you work independently and in teams to conduct research, review case studies, analyze economic and financial data, draft a written report,
participate in networking and interview situations, and deliver a presentation to evaluators from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Explore the city while you study

English-speaking Canadian students (Community Leaders) lead social and cultural activities in and around Toronto, helping you practice conversational English in a stimulating environment and make the most of your Canadian experience.

Business (PreMBA)

Prepare for a successful Master in Business Administration in English

Over 8 weeks, prepare for graduate studies in business by raising your proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking English in a business context.

Finance (Pre-MFin)

Prepare for success in your Master in Finance

The Pre-MFin Program is committed to building your academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as they apply to a business context. The program is in two parts, the Pre-MFin itself and the Business Master’s Adjunct Program (BMAP).


    Over 3 weeks in July, the Pre-MFin focuses intensively on developing your English language and academic business culture skills. The program content is based on authentic material from the world of finance.
    Each Pre-MFin class integrates reading, writing, critical analysis skills and presentation skills. It also provides plenty of opportunities to improve communications skills that are key to academic and career success.

    BMAP classes

    In the second part of the Pre-MFin Program starting in September, you will begin the BMAP.
    Together, the Pre-MFin/BMAP package strives to enhance your skills and prepare you for success. The program also builds your confidence to exceed expectations in your Master’s studies and life-long career goals.

    Summary [2]

    Business (PreMBA)
    Program length: 8 weeks in 2 four-week stages
    Class size: Approximately 16 students
    Classroom hours/week: 20 hours

    • 4 hours of instruction daily
    • Held twice a year in July/August and November/December
    • Social and cultural activities and events in and around Toronto, led by English-speaking Canadian students

    Program length: 3 weeks
    Class size: Approximately 16 students
    Classroom hours/week: 30 hours
    6 hours/day – 4 morning hours, 2 afternoon hours
    Mainly supports 1-year Master’s of Finance students

    BMAP classes
    Classroom hours/week: 3 hours
    September to February
    An adjunct program – for PreMFin students when they start the Master’s of Finance program at Schulich

    Schedule [3]

    There are 3 Modules so three Summaries.

    Out-of-Class Timetable [4]

    University Life, a range of co-curricular activities designed to provide a balanced program of in- and out-of-classroom learning, includes:

              • Orientation to the York University campus
              • Access to self-study facilities available for use before and after class
              • Conversation Partners [5]
              • Daily student-led discussion sessions
              • Campus activities that will bring students into contact with other members of the York community
              • York Admissions [6] advising sessions
              • Workshops on university life skills, including topics such as time management skills, applying for admission, and testing strategies
              • York English Language Test [7] (Levels AP7-AP9 only)
              • Attendance at university lectures (Levels AP6-AP9 only)

    Materials [8]

    An e-mail account, internet and library access, textbooks and limited printing and photocopying services are included in the tuition fee.

    Accommodation [9]

    Accommodation in homestay [10] and on-campus York University residence [11] is available

    Social & Cultural Activities [12]

    These activities [13] allow students to socialize with other participants in the course, attend cultural events, and visit places of interest in and around Toronto.
    A visit to the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, an NBA game, a Soccer Club, and a Games Club are examples of s the many trips, clubs, and activities available to English Language students.

    Admission Requirements [14]

    • Previous education: An undergraduate degree and have met ONE of the following
      English-language proficiency requirements below.
    • Language Proficiency:
      -IELTS: minimum score 6.5 overall with no more than one component at 6.0
      -TOEFL: minimum score 560 (paper), 220 (computer), or 87 (iBT)
    • AP9 completion with honours or distinction
    • YUELI Graduate Studies Preparation Program (GSPP): successful completion of GSPP
      Term 1 with a recommendation to the MBA/Specialized Master’s Preparation Program from GSPP instructors




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