English Language Teacher Training Programs

English Language Teacher Training Programs

As of March 16, 2020, all York University English Language Institute programs will be delivered 100% online. Our English Language Institute has launched and delivered many quality online programs over the years. This is not new to us, and there will be no interruptions or compromise in learning quality for those considering starting their studies with us. For any enquiries or questions about our programs please contact yueli@yorku.ca.

YUELI has built considerable experience in the design and implementation of English language teacher training programs


Saudi Arabian teachers standing togetherTraining programs can be delivered on campus at York University or on-site/on location at the partner’s premises, in a blended learning format or completely online. These programs help to develop the specialized language needed by non-native English-speaking professors and teachers to conduct their classes in English, as well as develop strategies for effective oral and written communication.

Beginning in January 2017, YUELI began hosting 59 participants in the Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion offered by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. The goal of this six-month program is to transform knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Saudi education professionals through university-guided immersion in Canadian schools. To achieve this goal, YUELI is collaborating with York’s Faculty of Education and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to deliver proficiency-appropriate language training at YUELI, individualized guidance through the Faculty of Education, and school immersion at leading TDSB schools.

Since 2016, YUELI has welcomed participants into the Bachelor of Education English Immersion Programme comprised of senior BEd English students from the Education
University of Hong Kong. Through this immersion programme, students significantly improved their English language proficiency. They also enhanced their understanding of Canadian culture and education through their exposure to ESL expertise and practices at a premier language institute Concurrent with their studies.

All YUELI Teacher Training Programs participants have opportunities to assess and compare teaching methodologies used in Canada, to design lesson plans together with YUELI instructors, to observe instructors’ approaches to teaching, and to teach ESL classes at YUELI using the new methods they have learned.

YUELI Teacher Training programs are a key component of our commitment to having a global impact on the way international students learn and experience academic English.

Out-of-Class Timetable

University Life, a range of co-curricular activities designed to provide a balanced program of in- and out-of-classroom learning, includes:

            • Orientation to the York University campus
            • Access to self-study facilities available for use before and after class
            • Conversation Partners
            • Daily student-led discussion sessions
            • Campus activities that will bring students into contact with other members of the York community
            • York Admissions advising sessions
            • Workshops on university life skills, including topics such as time management skills, applying for admission, and testing strategies
            • York English Language Test (Levels AP7-AP9 only)
            • Attendance at university lectures (Levels AP6-AP9 only)


An e-mail account, internet and library access, textbooks and limited printing and photocopying services are included in the tuition fee.


Accommodation in homestay and on-campus York University residence is available

Social & Cultural Activities

These activities allow students to socialize with other participants in the course, attend cultural events, and visit places of interest in and around Toronto.
A visit to the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, an NBA game, a Soccer Club, and a Games Club are examples of s the many trips, clubs, and activities available to English Language students.

Contact Information

YUELI is happy to offer Custom Designed Programs:

Please contact:
Ben Collins, Associate Director (bcollins@yorku.ca)
Kareen Sharawy, EAP Manager (ksharawy@yorku.ca)