Our English Language Students

Students from all over the world come to Toronto, Canada, to study at York University’s English Language Institute and advance their skills in English for both academic and professional needs. York University is one of the largest and most diverse universities in Canada and our multicultural community is home to many international students each year, half of whom begin their Canadian studies with a program through the York University English Language Institute.

York U is International

Did you know?

English language students come from 43 different countries


The York University English Language Institute is home to thousands of students from all around the world every year.


  •  More than 1,700 students from 43 countries each year.
  • Students range in age from 18 to 60 years old, with the average age being 23.
  • On average, the number of men and women in each class is equal.
  • Classes usually average 12–16 students.

What students say