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N.O.W. Plus Degree Pathway


Please note the NOW Plus Degree pathway program is now discontinued. Read more.


N.O.W. Plus stands for Nights, Online and Weekends, plus specialized supports to help working professionals be successful in earning a degree. The N.O.W. Plus pathway supports working people with the flexibility to learn part-time while they earn.

“I am delighted at the wealth of support offered by York University. l’m looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of the York University family”

Nickeisha McFarlene, N.O.W. Plus applicant

What is N.O.W. Plus?

N.O.W. Plus helps working professionals earn degrees even faster with personalized admissions guidance and advising throughout your program.

  • Enjoy options for completing your degree 100% online
  • Gain access to application assistance
  • Get admissions decisions in less than 14 days
  • Enjoy flexible class times and locations
  • Complete your degree with online classes, evening and weekend classes
  • Have space reserved for you in night, online, and weekend courses

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 90 credit Degrees available on the N.O.W. Plus Pathway

Whether you choose the 90-credit Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), the 90-credit Bachelor of Human Resources Management (BHRM) degree or the 90-credit Bachelor of Arts in English offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, you’ll learn the same material from the same instructors and professors as other students — but on a schedule that fits your life.


Get help when you need it

Need advice or help with your application?

Call 416-736-5616 or drop in during office hours. After-hours inquirers will be contacted the next business day.

Choose a university degree that fits your life

A N.O.W. Plus Bachelor of Commerce (BCom),  Bachelor of Human Resources Management (BHRM), or Bachelor of Arts in English degree is the same Liberal Arts & Professional Studies degree as other students take. It’s just more convenient.

Earn your degree in as few as three and a half years of part-time study

You can enrol in as many or as few courses as you like, but we recommend starting with one course in your first term to help with your transition and no more than two per term after that.

If you then plan to take five courses each year after that, you’ll complete your degree in six years. If you’ve already completed some post-secondary courses, you may be eligible for transfer credit that would allow you to finish faster. For example, if you have a three-year advanced diploma from an Ontario college, you could complete your degree in just three and a half years.

Meet other part-timers

More than 9,000 mature students study at the Keele Campus or online. Events like the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS) Orientation will help you get to know a few of them and learn about the services available to help you be successful.

You can also find networking opportunities through the York University Mature Students Association.

Enjoy the same benefits as a full-time student

You’ll have access to the supports, curriculum, financial aid and student services that other Liberal Arts & Professional Studies students have. You’ll learn from the same instructors. And you’ll graduate with the same degree.

Online Studies

Many students prefer studying online for the convenience of learning from home or the office. Others choose to lighten their on-campus schedule by mixing in online courses. Online courses count towards your degree in exactly the same way as in-class courses do.

Students enrolled in online courses will be expected to complete assignments by specific due dates, follow a weekly schedule for learning activities, and write supervised formal on-campus examinations in person. Students more than three hours away from the University may arrange to write exams at another approved post-secondary institution or, when possible, write them online.

Is online study right for you?

Online courses are convenient but require additional responsibilities. We recommend that you consider the following before choosing to study online.

How are your time-management skills?

Time-management and study skills are very important in an online course. It’s hard to catch up once you’ve fallen behind. You’ll have group members depending upon your regular participation, and assignment deadlines to keep in mind. But if you follow the instructor’s suggested weekly schedule, you can stay on track.


Will you be able to take initiative?

In an online course, you’ll need to be comfortable with an instructor in the role of course leader/guide rather than lecturer. You’ll be absorbing information from readings, discussions, and asking questions. You’ll need to be willing to ask for the help you need from your instructor or TA, from classmates, or from the distance education/technical support.

Can you devote approximately 6-9 hours of study time per week for each course?

While online courses are more convenient, they’re not necessarily easier. They often require more time than a lecture on campus because you are responsible for managing your learning. When you study online it’s easier for other activities to take priority and keep you from getting to your course work.

Are you comfortable expressing your thoughts in writing?

In an online course, you may be asked to write defensively and argue thoughts and issues as you communicate in the discussion area. You’ll need to be ready to share and post your thoughts and opinions with your fellow students in a respectful manner. The benefit is that you can take the time to think about what you are writing.

Do you have regular access to a computer and the Internet?

You will be required to log into the course website on a regular basis. All academic work and communications will be located there so it is important to log in a few times a week.

Are you open to learning some new Web-related skills?

In order to participate in your online course, you’ll need to feel comfortable navigating the course website by using a browser, email, discussions, chats/wikis, and assessment tools. You’ll have the chance to learn and practise these skills as you participate in your course.


Remember, these are guidelines to help you think about the skills you’ll need. They will help you prepare to become a successful online learner.

We recommend that you register for the online version of Mature Student First-Year Experience Program with the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS). If you can make the time, the ACMAPS also offers a face-to-face orientation program in September. Please take advantage of the unique services of the ACMAPS to help you get the most out of your degree.


Part-time Studies

As a pioneer in designing university courses for working professionals, York has the expertise to offer more than 9,000 mature students a thought-provoking, meaningful education experience.

Our courses are offered at our vibrant Keele campus, conveniently located near several 400-series highways and accessible by the TTC, GO, York Region, Brampton, and Viva transit systems. Please view our interactive map for more information on the campus including parking, directions, and amenities, or download our accessibility, Wi-Fi hot spot, gender-neutral washroom, and other maps.

The Keele Campus is a self-contained community located in the centre of the Greater Toronto Area. Five libraries, 92 buildings, athletic facilities, residences, a shopping mall, and green, groomed outdoor common areas make up a buzzing campus primed for your academic success and an active campus life. Although this is one of the largest university campuses in Canada, York has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. If you need help, just ask.

We recommend that you register for an orientation session and the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program with the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS). These programs have been designed to help you get the most out of your degree.

Spaces reserved for N.O.W. Plus students

To help you earn your university degree part-time while working, we offer N.O.W. Plus students reserved registration: this means that core program Night, Online, and Weekend courses have spaces reserved exclusively for N.O.W. Plus students. These spaces will be held for N.O.W. Plus students up until classes commence at the start of each term.

Transfer courses from another college or university

Visit our Transfer Credit page for details on transferring courses you’ve taken at other institutions to York University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the N.O.W. Plus degree pathway different from the related undergraduate degree courses at York?

No, the N.O.W. Plus degree pathway facilitates degree completion by offering schedules, enrolment processes and student services that meet the unique needs of working students.

N.O.W. Plus currently allows students to earn one of the following degrees:

York University offers additional part-time and online degree options outside of the NOW Plus degree pathway.

Who is eligible for the NOW Plus degree pathway?

  • Any student new to York University who:
    • is between the ages of 21 and 59;
    • is applying as a mature or transfer student for the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in English, or Bachelor of Human Resources Management degrees; and
    • is using the N.O.W Plus application form.
  • Previous York University students who:
    • is between the ages of 21 and 59;
    • has not been active for 2 years or greater (6 academic terms);
    • is applying as a mature or transfer student for the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in English, or Bachelor of Human Resources Management degrees; and
    • is using the N.O.W. Plus application form.

Applicants who do not fit this criteria are encouraged to apply through

Will I be the only mature student in my course?

Your classmates will be a mix of full-time undergraduates and working students. Currently, York has 9,000 mature students, and we expect this number to increase.

Do I have to take a certain number of courses each semester?

No, there is no requirement to take a certain number of courses each semester. But to remain actively registered at York University, you must take at least one course within one academic year (during the fall, winter, or summer terms).

What do you mean when you say that N.O.W. Plus students get reserved spaces in courses?

Spaces will be held specifically for N.O.W. Plus students in BAS, BA in English, and BHRM core courses, up until the day classes start.

I don’t have time to meet with an academic advisor. Do I need to set up a meeting?

New students with transfer credits will need to meet or speak with an advisor in order to register for their first course. Your advisor will help you pick the courses you need to satisfy your program’s requirements. Advising appointments are available to be booked in person, over the phone, or via email.

New students without transfer credits will automatically be invited to participate in the YU Start online enrolment module. This module provides a step-by-step guide on how to enrol in courses. Your Continuing Studies Advisor will be available to provide guidance throughout the process; however, you will still have the opportunity to book a distance or in-person advising appointment if you require further assistance.

How much time do I have to spend on campus?

For night and weekend courses, you can expect to spend three or four hours per week in class in addition to your scheduled exams. For online courses with a final exam, you should expect to be on campus for three to four hours for the exam, and we strongly encourage you to arrive on campus early.   Students taking online courses who live more than three hours away will be able to write their exams at a location closer to their home. The bookstore offers online shopping so you won’t need to come to campus for course materials.

What degrees can I take in N.O.W. Plus?

The 90-credit Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), the 90-credit Bachelor of Arts in English, and the 90-credit Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM) are currently offered in the N.O.W. Plus degree pathway, with more to come as N.O.W. Plus develops.

How many credits do I need to complete my degree, and how quickly can I complete my degree?

The N.O.W Plus pathway offers 90-credit degree programs which allows N.O.W. Plus students to graduate at least two years earlier than students in other part-time degrees (which are typically 120-credit programs). If you take the recommended 5 courses per year, you can complete your degree in as little as 6 years with no transfer credit and in as little as 3.5 years with some transfer credit.

Does York University offer part-time or online degrees outside of the N.O.W. Plus degree pathway?

For information on other York University part-time and online degree options, please visit the the part-time study or distance education pages.