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Bachelor of Arts in English

Posted By Crisdelis Rodriguez On November 12, 2015 @ 3:35 pm


Please note the NOW Plus Degree pathway program is now discontinued. Read more [1].


In English, we love stories. That is a given. But no one gets a degree just for loving stories. Students of English learn about literary art in all its forms, grow knowledgeable about the development of literature throughout history, feed their curiosity about writers and texts that they have yet to discover, and master the ability to think and communicate critically and imaginatively.  A degree in English will signal your proficiency in the discipline’s knowledge, methodologies, theories, and expressive skills.

The English Department offers courses in literature from across time and place – from the middle ages to today, and from all around the world – with particular strengths in contemporary writing, popular genres (like children’s literature, comics and cartoons, and science fiction), and Canadian, British, and American literary traditions and innovations. The program will equip you with knowledge of literary genres and styles, periods and movements, national traditions, modes of criticism and interpretation, and intertextual connections.  In English, you will develop and sharpen your ability to read critically and incisively, to listen constructively, and to express yourself convincingly out loud and in writing.  Explore the world’s great literary works while strengthening your critical thinking, reading and writing.  Choose from courses in:

  • All genres of literature: including poetry, drama, novels, and short stories
  • Literature across time: from the medieval literature of King Arthur to Shakespeare’s Renaissance stage to the Romantic poets and Victorian novelists to 20th-century Canadian and American developments and today’s newest works.
  • Popular subgenres: detective fiction, science fiction, comics and cartoons, and children’s literature
  • Theories and modes of literary interpretation, criticism, and cultural investigation
  • General education courses in the literary imagination and satire
  • . . . and much more!

This is the same high-quality English degree offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies to other students, but with the added convenience and supports of N.O.W. Plus for working students.


Create your online or part-time degree schedule [2]

N.O.W. Plus is designed to help working adults earn a degree without disrupting their careers. You’ll have spots reserved in core Night, Online, and Weekend English courses, and you can take daytime courses if your schedule allows.

Course requirements and prerequisites [3]

To earn a Bachelor of Arts in English degree you’ll need to earn 90 credits. The specific courses you need to take will depend on which electives and optional courses you choose. Courses are typically worth three credits each.

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, an advisor will be available to help you plan a schedule to complete your degree as efficiently as possible.

Degree specific admission requirements [4]

To be admitted into the Bachelor of Arts in English program, you’ll need to meet the University’s requirements for admission into the program that meets your situation including completion of:

Mature Student

  • Be at least 20 years old by the end of the calendar year of admission to the University
  • Have been out of full-time high school studies for at least two years or have returned to upgrade after a two year absence
  • Have attempted less than one full year of studies at an accredited university or college
  • Have demonstrated potential for success through academic, professional or volunteer activities and other accomplishments

College Transfer

  • Completion of a diploma program or at least two full semesters or one year of full-time academic study at an accredited college
  • Overall average of 3.0 or better on a 4-point scale (or equivalent)

University Transfer

  • Completion of at least four full-year courses or one year of full-time degree studies at an accredited university
  • Overall average of 2.0 or better on a 4-point scale (or equivalent)

Please note: If you have not completed four full years of study in Canada in English at the secondary-school level or in a country where English is a primary language of instruction, you must demonstrate your language proficiency in English. Further exemptions are available. [5]

Proof of language proficiency can be provided by submitting an acceptable language test score [6].

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