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Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Posted By Crisdelis Rodriguez On November 18, 2015 @ 9:50 am

Advance your career by studying the fundamentals of business.


What do most successful managers, whether they work for start-ups, established corporations, or non-profit organizations have in common? A solid foundation in business. Whether you’re looking to build on existing experience or gain entirely new professional skills, our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is the perfect tool to prepare you for exciting opportunities in your field.

The program will teach you how to make strategic marketing decisions, effectively manage projects, and increase productivity. You will also study current economic, social, and environmental business trends. Designed in consultation with senior industry executives, thought leaders, and prominent York University academics, the Certificate will equip you with relevant and in-demand knowledge and all course content will be immediately applicable to your current (or future) role.

Prepare today for a management role tomorrow.

Today’s business leaders require even more than foundational business knowledge. For example, many top employers believe that emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and communication are equally important skills to have. Professionals who master these key competencies routinely receive the best job offers and promotions throughout their careers.

Our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will deepen your understanding of interconnected business functions while simultaneously sharpening your critical thinking, communication, and management skills. The program culminates with a unique final capstone course where you will apply your knowledge to real-world business challenges.


“This certificate program is the perfect way for someone to learn fundamental business administration skills and combine it with work experience. It is great for professionals who are new or are aspiring to be in a management role and would like to learn core business functions.”

Maurizio Bevilacqua – Mayor of Vaughan, former MP and Minister of State for Finance. Advisory Council Member for the Post-Grad Certificate in Business Administration.


Program delivery

The entire program can be completed in just eight months, which is considerably quicker than comparable certificates. You will also benefit from studying alongside a network of peers who are completing the program on the same schedule.

“I have had a good appreciation for the program. It was quite rewarding because I got to learn a lot about the world of business within a very short time frame. Our instructor, Mark Carbonelli, made the program very engaging, interesting and educative.”

Yaa Serwaah Owusu-Adansi, 2016 Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Student

Who should take this program?

  • College or university graduates in fields outside of business who are looking to add a specialization to their resume
  • Early career professionals and new/aspiring managers
  • Professionals who want to develop foundational business administration skills
  • Professionals interested in future leadership roles within their organization
  • International students interested in gaining a Canadian perspective on business administration or management

“As someone with an artistic background who has leveraged that creativity into a successful business, I cannot stress enough the importance of having fundamental business knowledge in order to turn artistic endeavours into business realities, to make a living.”

Dan Banko, Creative Director, Banko Media


In-class, full-time: Earn your post-graduate certificate in just 8 months by studying full-time on campus in our accelerated program. [1]

This full-time post-graduate certificate program will prepare you for a successful career in business and future managerial roles in just 8 months while helping you successfully balance your professional and personal responsibilities.


Courses [2]

Business Strategy

Examine the external context of business and the challenges of managing in the Canadian business environment. Explore the external context of business considering economic, competitive, labour, technological, societal, global, and political issues. Gain insight into current challenges and opportunities that play a dramatic role in the business landscape and affect business strategy.

Business Fundamentals

Examine the functional areas of business through a critical discourse about management, its sub-disciplines, and the current issues and future challenges it faces. Compare classic management articles with writings from alternative or contradictory perspectives. Examine current news stories to illustrate and assess the practical relevance of each of the management ideas presented. Develop, articulate, and support your own thinking in relation to contemporary business issues.

Business Communications

Develop transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of roles in business. Develop key business/management skills that are required of business professionals and prepare for the business and professional environment in Canada through theoretical instruction, practical case analyses, interactive and team-based exercises, as well as oral and written assignments. Develop strong critical thinking skills, business acumen, oral and written communication skills (including presentation skills), negotiation and influencing skills, and data and numeracy skills, and much more.

Accounting – Analysis & the Use of Financial Information

Explore basic concepts in financial accounting, managerial accounting and their interrelationships to duties and responsibilities of a manager. Gain a critical overview of the accounting process and a broad, conceptual understanding of the role of accounting in modern society. You will study financial statements prepared for external audiences and how those statements contribute to financial decisions and capital markets; and, internal reports that affect managers’ day-to-day decisions.

Marketing Fundamentals

Examine fundamentals of marketing theory, concepts and management as applied to marketing’s strategic role in meeting customer needs, including product (goods and services), price, promotion, distribution, consumer, segmentation, positioning, ethics, and research to prepare to create a marketing plan.

Human Resources Management

This course introduces you to the basic principles and concepts of human resources management, and provides a context for the challenges facing HR managers in contemporary Canadian organizations. You are given opportunities to identify organizational problems, and to prescribe and implement corrective actions.

Introduction to Project Management

Examine the theory and practice of project management with a problem-solving approach to planning, budgeting, implementing and completing small and large-scale projects. Gain a strong working knowledge of project management fundamentals and be able to use this knowledge to positively impact workplace projects.

Applied Capstone Course

The purpose of the capstone course is to create an opportunity for you to make connections between the various topics in the program; to analyze, synthesize, and apply the knowledge gained throughout the program to real-world business cases.

Domestic Students [3]

Canadian Students

This unique post-degree program provides the educational experience that upper-year undergraduate students enjoy with an exposure to a multi-cultural environment that only York University can provide. Graduates of this program will be uniquely positioned to thrive in Toronto’s diverse workplaces — a critical asset for global companies.

Develop a rich professional network that includes global and local peers and instructors with significant industry experience. As a pioneer in professional education, York has the expertise to offer you a vibrant, meaningful post-degree experience. You’ll graduate work-ready and promotable in Canada’s largest labour market.

Courses are offered at our vibrant Keele campus conveniently located near several 400-series highways and accessible by the TTC, GO, York Region, Brampton, and Viva transit systems. Please view our interactive map [4] for more information on the campus including parking and amenities.

International Students [5]

International Students

York University’s Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is absolutely unique in Canada. This program provides the educational experience that Canadian upper-year undergraduate students enjoy with the academic language supports needed for success. As a leader in academic English education, York has the expertise to offer you a vibrant, meaningful post-degree experience.

Unlike other Canadian business certificates that only offer classes in the evening and on weekends, York offers a full-time schedule. Despite the accelerated format of the full-time program, the course scheduling provides opportunities for students to study and work outside the class schedule.

Graduates of this program will be uniquely positioned to thrive in vibrant multi-cultural workplaces. Develop a rich professional network of local students, international peers, and Canadian instructors with significant industry experience. You’ll graduate work-ready and promotable.

Courses are offered at our vibrant Toronto campus. While everything students require can be found on our safe and welcoming campus, convenient transit and highway access helps you enjoy all that the Toronto, Canada, area has to offer.

Transfer Credits [7]

You may be eligible to receive transfer credit if you have taken business courses at another Canadian university.

Transfer credit must meet basic conditions, are subject to approval by the Program Manager, and requests must be supported by documentation.

This is a cohort program with the same group of students travelling through each consecutive course at the same time as a learning community. This is also an integrated program, whereby each new course topic builds upon the previous one. For these reasons, a maximum of one (1) equivalent course taken at another institution may be transferred into this program.

Conditions for transfer of credit

  • course must have been taken from an accredited Canadian academic institution and noted on an official transcript with a grade of 70% or higher
  • course must have been completed within the past ten (10) years from the date of application
  • course you are transferring must align with one of the following topics:
    • Introduction to Business
    • Exploring the Functions of Business
    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Introduction to Project Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Introduction to Marketing
  • course must have had a minimum of 36 contact hours

Submission requirements

The following is required in an electronic submission in order to assess a transfer of credit:

  • send an email to the Program Manager noting the topic you wish to transfer, and when and where you completed the course
  • include an official transcript, demonstrating your completion of the course and your final grade
  • also include a full course outline (course name, description, learning objectives, assessment criteria, content topics covered, and number of hours)

Assessments may take up to four (4) weeks to process from the time of receipt.

Careers [8]

Have you recently graduated from a non-business field and are looking to differentiate yourself for new and exciting job opportunities in business?

Careers in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Operations

Or, are you looking to broaden your professional working knowledge to become a T-shaped professional [9]? No matter what field your educational background is in, graduating from our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will help you develop the skillset to work more effectively on a cross functional team – leading to more job advancement opportunities.

Graduates of our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration meet the educational requirements to obtain the Certified In Management (CIM) designation from the Canadian Institute of Management.* [10]


Specialized university degree (in psychology, English, nursing, etc.)


Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration


Front line/management roles in your field
A more well-rounded career, working cross-functionally

*Please note there are additional requirements in addition to the Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration that are needed for the CIM designation. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that these are met.

Advisory Council [11]

Business Administration Advisory Council

Senior executives from many of Toronto’s leading organizations help us ensure our graduates have the skills and knowledge that employers value most, including the following:

  • Gary Spraakman, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University
  • Stephen Gaskin, Senior VP Ontario Region, Scotiabank
  • Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor, City of Vaughan
  • Anthony Dale, President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association
  • Bal Sahjpaul, Senior Director E-commerce, Acklands-Grainger
  • Roberta Wilton, Chief Executive, The Dunfield Group
  • Greg Hewitt, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express USA
  • Rose Cammareri, Executive Vice President, Retail Distribution, AGF
  • Faith Tull, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Randstad Canada

Instructors [12]

Supinder Babra, MBA, BBA, CPA, CMA, CCP

Supinder has 17 years’ experience working as a Financial Controller in various manufacturing industries from packaging, refinery services, lumber and door opening solutions in North America.  He has been teaching since 2007 with CPA Ontario and is currently teaching at York University Schulich School of Business in the BBA and MBA programs and with the York University School of Continuing Education. He teaches Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Finance, Audit, Capstone, Accounting Information Systems and Tax.  Supinder holds the following designations: an undergraduate BBA degree from Schulich, an MBA from Warwick University, CPA, CMA In Ontario and CCP in Canada.

Jeff May, M.Ed, BA (Hons)

Jeff’s background in business and human resources management spans more than twenty-five years. In his capacity as an independent consultant, he has worked with some of Canada’s most influential companies, completing client engagements in both the public and private sectors. His international experience includes working with post-secondary partners in Indonesia to assist with the development of applied entrepreneurship curriculum and the establishment of community business support centres.

Jeff has taught management development, organizational behaviour, human resource planning and development, and business foundation courses at McMaster and York universities, and at Seneca, Conestoga, and Confederation colleges. He has an undergraduate honours degree in Economics from Laurentian University in Sudbury, and a graduate degree in Education from Nipissing University in North Bay.

Adam Prokop, MBA, MSc, MFin, CPA, CMA, CAIA

Adam has taught and developed accounting, finance, general business, mathematics, supply chain, and operations courses for several years across Canada. He has worked in various sectors including finance, energy, real estate, and government. He currently works as a senior risk analyst and consultant in the real estate industry, as well as a corporate trainer specializing in technical skills development.

Adam holds the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) designation, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from McMaster University, a Master in Finance (MFin) from Queen’s University, a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Organizational Psychology from University of London, and a Master of Science (MSc) in Supply Chain Management from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Chris Rotolo, MBA

Chris is a data expert: determining its value, monitoring its integrity and managing its performance. After spending decades working in full-service and multi-national marketing agencies, he has turned his passion and experience to helping organizations build positive, long-term relationships with their stakeholders.

For more than ten years, Chris has created, revised and taught a range of courses for Canadian colleges and universities. On his own time, he works with sector development organizations to educate non-profit leaders on best practice. Additionally, he creates and delivers workshops to under-served communities to improve employment opportunities. Chris holds his MBA from the University of Ottawa.

Rehan Sher, MA, MASc, BA (Hons), PMP, CHRL

Rehan is an HR and Project Management Professional with over 20 years of experience.  In January 2014, he became the Founder & CEO of the HR and Project Management Corporation, a global firm specialized in providing recruitment and training services.

Rehan is a part-time faculty member at York University, Humber College, and Lambton College where he teaches HR and project management.  He has an Honours BA in Economics from the University of Toronto, an MA in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, and an MASc in Management Science from the University of Waterloo.  He also has a Master’s Certificate in Learning & Development from Schulich’s Executive Education Centre and holds both the PMP & CHRL Professional Licenses.



Format [13]

Our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is offered in a full-time, in-class format.


  • Classes meet daily (Monday–Friday).
  • Class size will range from 25–50 students, with a mix of domestic and international students.
  • All classes are held at the main campus of York University at Keele and Steeles.
  • You should expect ten hours of reading per week in addition to assignments and test preparation.

How do I get my certificate and graduate? [14]

The School of Continuing Studies has a student record review process of students that have completed courses in the previous semester. Students who have successfully completed all the program requirements are eligible to graduate. Students are not required to formally apply to graduate.

Students will have their course grades reviewed by the Program Manager as they approach the end of the program. Students should expect to receive their Certificates in October/November by mail.

Library privileges [15]

Students enrolled in all of our Certificate programs have access to the York University Library. The School of Continuing Studies will provide you with the library application form.

How do I get the books and reading materials, and how much will they cost? [16]

It is wise to budget approximately $150 — $200 per course. All the books and reading materials will be available at the York University bookstore. You can also order your books online at http://bookstore.yorku.ca/ [17]

If you would like to visit the bookstore in person, store hours are as follows:

Monday & Tuesday 9am–7pm
Wednesday–Friday 9am–5pm

Open Saturday for the month of September.

CLOSED Saturday & Sunday.

What does it mean to be in a cohort? [18]

Students in a cohort travel together through the program, learn through shared experiences as a group, and complete courses in a designated sequence.

The cohort model provides an opportunity to network and build professional relationships that may extend beyond the program. Therefore, the courses cannot be taken at your own pace.

Where can I obtain information about my classroom? [19]

Two weeks before the start of the program, you will receive a letter via email containing all necessary program information including:

  • Program Schedule of Dates and Times
  • Classroom location
  • York University policies and procedures
  • Information on how to access the library at York University
  • School of Continuing Studies contact information


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