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Developing your personal brand is vital to career success.

The School of Continuing Studies at York University is pleased to announce the second instalment of our Career Growth series. For our next event we welcome Sean Mullin as our guest speaker. Sean is a CPA Ontario Student Representative. He has been a professional recruiter for 6 years and promotes the accounting profession as well […]

Toronto Star: How to stay marketable

One of the sure ways to advance your career is through formal continuing education, says human resources expert. The rapid rate at which in-demand knowledge and skills change today, no matter the industry, makes it crucial for professionals to continuously advance their skill set to ensure they remain marketable, says one expert. “The marketplace is […]

Enter the business world faster than ever.

  Professionals looking to advance their careers either within their own organization or through a new opportunity often face the difficult challenge of gaining the required credentials and education necessary for such a jump. With the competitiveness of the current job market, additional education can be the difference between a major promotion and not. Balancing […]

Tips for How Continuing Education Students can Succeed in Online Learning

  Online learning presents a wealth of new opportunities for professionals looking to get ahead in their career. The flexibility provided to balance classroom contributions with a career and family obligations allows far more people to pursue continuing education. However, online learning can present its own set of challenges. It requires dedication and commitment from […]

Metro News: Business Administration at the School of Continuing Studies

Learn the skills employers value most. Starting this September, those looking to supplement their university or college education with a focus on business or management will be able to do so through a new post-graduate certificate in business administration offered by at York University’s School of Continuing Studies. “This certificate program is the perfect way […]

Toronto Star: Learn the skills employers value most

  Offered in part-time, full-time, in-class, or online options, York’s business administration program can be completed in as little as seven months if taken full-time or just 16 months through the part-time delivery.   Starting this September, those looking to supplement their university or college education with a focus on business or management will be […]

Prepare for management roles with our Business Certificate

  Do you have an education in the sciences, arts or other non-business field, but want to prepare for a leadership role in your organization? If so, take a look at the below video where Marina DeBona, Program Manager for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration describes how the program is designed to create leaders […]

Author and instructor to launch new book at the School of Continuing Studies

The School of Continuing Studies is proud to announce Diana Kawarsky, one of the school’s esteemed instructors, and a published author, will be on campus to launch her new book Soft Skills: Volume 1 – A collection of Strategies, Anecdotes, Techniques, Observations, Stories, Tactics, Advice, Experiences, Ideas and Methods. Soft skills are an everyday challenge […]